Introducing Focusrite Clarett+ Series

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    We’re excited to introduce Focusrite Clarett+, the next step in the evolution of Clarett, their premium-quality audio interface range for PC and Mac. This new range includes Clarett+ 2Pre, Clarett+ 4Pre, and Clarett+ 8Pre.

    Clarett+ interfaces build on the strengths of previous Clarett ranges. Improvements to the independent A-D/D-A converters bring audio clarity to everything from home recordings to studio tracking sessions. A newly chosen D-A converter — used in conjunction with meticulously designed output filter circuitry — yields greater dynamic range, which is especially noticeable on music with a high dynamic variation. A lower D-A converter noise floor allows users to hear the intricate dynamic variations in mixes and recordings, with more low-level detail than ever before.

    The superior audio performance of Clarett+ makes the range extremely appealing to producers, engineers and artists, and more competitive in the market. We’re emphasizing the sonic capabilities and analog performance of these new models, which is evident in A-D and D-A conversion improvements and mic preamp performance, with all-around greater dynamic range, lower noise and lower distortion.

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