NTP Technology DAD DX32R | 30% Off Ultimate Monitor Control

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    Monitor Control from Mono to Atmos

    NTP Technology DAD DX32R is the heart of the ultimate monitoring system that is perfect for working with a Genelec speaker and GLM system. You can create monitor configurations from the mono, stereo, and surround to full-blown Dolby Atmos immersive audio with ease, and you can set up layers for unique user profiles or dedicated workflows. For instance, you can interface DANTE, MADI, and AES3 with routing control and Pro|Mon for up to 9.1.4 monitoring via AES3.

    And right now you can even save a whopping 30%. Get your hands on DX32R for just $2199!

    Add the optional DAD MOM hardware monitor controller for ultimate tactile and intuitive hands-on control.

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