Proper setup of Speaker Stands

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    For some reason I can’t stop noticing incorrect and unsafe setups of portable Speaker Stands.  Speaker Stands setup incorrectly at one of your events could make for a very bad day.  Konig and Meyer stands are industry staples and favorites but setting them up correctly is important so speakers don’t fall off and injure someone as a result.  Every collapsible speaker stand has a maximum rating when setup correctly. K&M  Model 21449’s are rated at 110lbs.  What exactly does that mean?  It means properly setup, the stand will hold 110lbs.

    What is a properly setup speaker stand?  Check out this photo:

    Notice where the cross braces are in respect to the legs.  This is a correct setup.

    The cross braces should be parallel to the floor.  No other way is acceptable to load these stands so be sure to follow the instructions of your speaker stands. Don’t forget to place them on a firm level surface.

    A sales associate at Parsons happily demonstrate this procedure if you’d like to stop by our shop.

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