Steinberg unveils new WaveLab Cast software

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    Steinberg unveils new WaveLab Cast software that lets you create perfect audio for podcasts, and videos published on YouTube or other social media platforms and help you with the post-production of live-streams.

    Today, subscribers to podcasts and social media platforms expect no less than uncompromising audio and video quality. Intelligibility, clarity, and great content are mandatory to win over new fans. Nowadays there is no excuse for badly produced material so, to help you deliver what your subscribers expect, welcome to WaveLab Cast. It’s the world’s first audio software that is tailor-made to create high-quality podcasts and audio content for social media.

    Key Features

    1. New Inspector Channel Strip for voice and music refinement with easy-to-use Clean and Enhance sections
    2. Audio Editing and Assembly quick and easy editing
    3. Audio Extraction from Video File importing allows for extracting audio from video for editing
    4. Podcast Publishing for direct uploading to popular podcast directories
    5. Tools for Pros a selection of high-end plug-ins derived from WaveLab Pro, the world’s leading mastering platform

    For the first two weeks, from March 16 to March 31, 2021, Steinberg is offering an introductory 20% discount offer on WaveLab Cast.

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