Metric Halo announces 3d Upgrade EARLY ACCESS Pre-Order Beginning Today, Friday, June 15, 2018!

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    Metric Halo Announces the long awaited 3D update for their Audio Interfaces.

    Update your existing Metric Halo interface with the new 3d Card with Early Access discount.

    This release is Early Access. What does that mean?

    • Early Access means Final Production Hardware with Public Beta Software.
    • Purchasing during the Early Access period provides a discount over the final price.
    • Early access MH Console software is for macOS only.
    • Early access firmware supports built in UAC2 drivers on Win10, Linux and iOS (but no MH Console support on those platforms).

    Orders for the current Early Access production run will be processed in the order they are received. These orders will begin shipping on Friday, June 29, 2018.

    Inquire for Pricing on new 3D units or field upgrades for existing units.

    The 3d Card Upgrade is a user-installable hardware and software combo that completely refreshes your Metric Halo devices for the next leg of the digital revolution. It replaces all the digital interfaces on your hardware with up-to-date cutting edge implementations.

    The 3d Card Upgrade includes:

    • MH Link — Ultra-low-latency, Ultra-high-bandwidth audio, clock and data connections over Gigabit Ethernet
    • MH EdgeBus — An ultra-high bandwidth programmable and pluggable audio expansion slot. MH EdgeBus allows you to effortlessly extend your system to be exactly the interface you need at any given moment.
    • MH Console – A modern, 64-bit application to control your entire system with a simple, lightning fast and flexible routing model and a stunning new visual design.
    • MH Mixer – 128 input x 64 bus multi-box unified zero-latency mixer.
    • MH MonitorControl – Integrated surround capable monitor controller with system processing capability. Includes Analog Domain level control on ULN-8/LIO-8 hardware.
    • MH Record – 128 input ultra-reliable multitrack recorder with deep hardware integration.
    • MH DSP Engine — Enhanced processing power and massive memory in the hardware. All 3d hardware includes the +DSP license providing over a hundred plug-ins and the unique Metric Halo Graph environment.
    • MH Link Audio — Direct Ethernet CoreAudio driver (with support for up to 128 channels of I/O @ 192k).
    • USB-C Class Audio Interface
    Metric Halo’s most popular interface is the ULN-8 

    Reserve your ULN-8 3D for the early access price of $3295. Save $700!!!



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