Triad-Orbit Advanced Stand Systems, Hoists their new Starbird SB-1 for the crew at Berklee College of Music

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    Herschel from Triad Orbit showing his new product, the Starbird SB-1 at Berklee College of Music. Also shown during the demo, is the newest Triad-Orbit mounting hardware, O2X, OA, IO-C, SS-IOGC, SS-IOSC clamps, along with IO-Vector system with IO-A2A extender arms, [shown here on the SB-1 in a Decca Tree formation]. The Starbird is effortless for hanging heavy microphones in this application, goes together easily and fly’s within moments of attaching the quick release IO-R!

    With features like the Locking Pin, Adjustable ballast, [along with extra weight set to place internally inside the Ballast], Pneumatic lift, Safety release, and collapsible legs, at a price of $989, the Starbird SB-1 is a sure fire hit for many users in large rooms.

    Triad-Orbit has some of the most innovative and creative mounting systems we’ve ever seen! The amount of options they have for any situation is amazing. These aren’t just microphone stands! You can mount almost anything with them. Lighting, C-Stand mounts, Cameras, Laptops and even Displays and Monitors. Add their IO-R to any stand to give you the quick release technology, which is ultra rugged with no chance of failure. Call or email us to find out more about the new Starbird Stand, and all the T-O hardware.



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