Antelope Audio Amari


Featuring unparalleled technical specifications, Amári represents the new top-of-the-line of Antelope conversion.
Delivering 24-bit 384 kHz conversion, AMÁRI is equipped with DSD256 support and Antelope Audio’s signature clocking. Like no other audiophile converter on the market, AMÁRI achieves the outstanding 138dB dynamic range and also features 2 headphone outputs with user-selectable output impedance ranging from -4.6Ω to 85.3Ω. The ability to generate a negative impedance is a groundbreaking achievement for Antelope Audio’s engineers, which provides a headphone membrane weight compensation for a listening experience like never before. AMÁRI owes its impeccable sound to a unique 8× DAC architecture (4 × CS43198 chips per channel). This allows for an enhanced stereo image, unbeatable sonic depth and organic musical detail.
Key features:
Up to 384kHz sampling rates and DSD256 support
138dB dynamic range on the DAC (achieved by utilizing 8 x CS43198 D/A converter chips!)
128dB dynamic range on the ADC (utilizing 2 x AK5778 A/D converter chips)
Dual headphone outputs with a unique Variable Headphone Output Impedance, tunable from -4.6 Ohm to 85.3 Ohm to perfectly match any audiophile or professional set of headphones
Headphone outputs are also linkable for use as a balanced headphone output

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 13 × 4 in