Audient ASP800

8 Channel Mic Pre & ADC with 2 Channels of HMX & IRON

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ASP800 is an audio powerhouse designed to transform your sessions into world class recordings, making it the perfect addition to your audio interface. ASP800 provides 8 channels of Audient’s renowned console mic preamps, class-leading Burr-Brown converter technology, two JFET D.I’s and two Retro channels with revolutionary tone control. Just plug in your mics, guitars, keyboards and drum machines and you’re ready to go, so get creative and start thinking big!


8 x Class-A Audient Console Mic Pres
2 x Retro Channels with Dual Stage COLOUR Saturation Controls – HMX & IRON
2 x Discrete JFET Instrument Inputs
Pristine 118-dB Burr-Brown A-D Converters
Balanced Analogue Line Outputs
ADAT Output for Expandability
Word Clock Input
All-Metal Enclosure
Over £500 worth of plugins and software with ARC


(measured to balanced DB25 analogue outputs)

MIC GAIN: 0 to 70 dB (extra gain stage for more!)
SWITCHABLE PAD: -15 dB (all channels front panel switchable)
LINE GAIN: -10 to 60 dB (-25 to 45 dB inc. PAD)
PHANTOM POWER: 48V ±4V @ 10mA / channel
MIC EIN: < -127.0 dBu CMRR: >80 dB @ 100Hz to 2kHz
MAXIMUM INPUT LEVEL: +20 dBu (+35 dBu with PAD)
INPUT IMPEDANCE (Mic): >2k Ω balanced (approx. 2.2k Ω)
INPUT IMPEDANCE (Line): >8k Ω balanced (approx. 8.6k Ω)
FREQUENCY RESPONSE: ±0.5 dB 10Hz to 100kHz @ min. gain
CROSSTALK: < -90 dBu 10Hz to 10kHz THD+N @ 0dBu (1kHz): <0.003% (-90.5 dBu) mostly 3rd harmonic SNR: >90 dB @ min. gain >90 dB @ min. gain
XLR COMBI FEMALE: Pin 2 (Hot), Pin 3 (Cold) & Pin 1 (Shield)
1/4” TRS JACK: Tip (Hot), Ring (Cold) & Sleeve (Shield)
(measured via microphone preamplifier circuitry)

D.I GAIN: 0 dB unity gain (0 to 70 dB)
INPUT IMPEDANCE (D.I): 1Meg Ω unbalanced
FREQUENCY RESPONSE: ±0.5 dB 10Hz to 50kHz
THD+N @ 0dBu (1kHz): <0.01% (-80 dBu) mostly 2nd & 3rd SNR: >85 dB @ min. gain
1/4” TS JACK: Tip (Hot) & Sleeve (Shield)
(ground sensing compensation scheme)

8-CHANNEL DB25:25-Pin Tascam Format

OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: <200Ω ground sensing <100Ω unbalanced A-D CONVERTER: (measured under AES-17 sans microphone preamplifiers) CHIPSET: Burr-Brown PCM4204 24-bit PCM DIGITAL REFERENCE LEVEL: Selectable via Rear Panel 0 dBFS = +18 dBu (iD22 Professional) 0 dBFS = +12 dBu (iD14 Prosumer) FREQUENCY RESPONSE: ±0.1 dB 20Hz to Fs/2 (Nyquist) CROSSTALK: <-110 dBFS @ 1kHz & <-90 dBFS @ 10kHz THD+N @ -1 dBFS (1kHz): 0.0015% (-96.5 dB) THD+N @ -6 dBFS (1kHz): 0.0009% (-101 dB) DYNAMIC RANGE: 113.5 dB un-weighted 116.0 dB A-weighted PEAK LED LINEUP: -2 dBFS (moves with reference level) SIGNAL LED LINEUP: -38 dBFS (moves with reference level) DIGITAL OUTPUT: ADAT 8 CHANNEL SMUX: 44.1 to 96.0 kHz CLOCK: Internal Crystal or External Source WORDCLOCK INPUT: 75Ω BNC - switchable 75Ω termination POWER SUPPLY: LOW NOISE SHIELDED LINEAR PSU FANLESS, QUIET OPERATION: CUSTOM TRANSFORMERS 35W Maximum Consumption INTERNAL D.C POWER RAILS: ±15V, +48, +30V & +9V SWITCHABLE MAINS VOLTAGE: 100, 120, 220 or 230Va.c FUSE: 200mA (UK) or 315mA (US) Time Delay (T) Slow-Blow Type WEIGHT: 4.5 kg DIMENSIONS: 1RU 482mm x 286.5mm x 44mm

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 16 × 4 in