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Ultimate Audio Interface For Guitarists

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Finally, An Interface For Guitarists

Sono is the ultimate audio interface for guitarists and musicians, combining Audient’s award-winning analog recording technology with the world’s best speaker-cab simulation from Two notes. Perfect for any guitarist looking to record at home.

2 x Audient Console Mic Pres

Valve Instrument Input

Onboard Two Notes DSP

Re-amp Output

Ultra-low Latency

ADAT Input

Dial Up Tones Instantly with The Ultimate Valve Guitar Preamp

Combining an onboard 12AX7 analog valve and 3-band Tone control with Two notes Torpedo power amp modeling and cab simulation, Sono lets you quickly create, record, and store the guitar sounds you hear in your head.

1. Built-in 12AX7 valve

2. Feel the warmth

3. Classic analog tone

3 Band Analogue Tone Control Shape your sound

Fine tune your sound on the way in with Sono’s 3-band analog EQ and add body to your heavy tones or that extra bit of sparkle to your clean tones.

Customization where you need it most Create your ultimate rig

No live room or extensive cab & mic collection? No problem! Customize everything from the room type, microphone model and placement, and even stylistic tone control such as vintage and modern all from your computer.

8 Live rooms available – Everything from a studio to a Cathedral

20 Cabs included – 150+ available online

8+ Mic models available – Including SM7B, 421, 161, and more

Record through your favorite cabs

Pick and choose from a wide range of guitar and bass cabs models and play through or record emulations of the classics such as the Marshall 4×12, Fender 2×12, Ampeg 8×10, and many more.

Explore & demo new cabs online – Expand your collection

Find your perfect cab with the Two notes online cab store. Browse new cab simulations from the industry-leading guitarists & studios, ideal for any genre.

Complete flexibility – Use your existing preamps

With Sono, you’re able to bypass the built-in preamp stage to use your own preamp pedals with the Two notes cab simulation in low latency.

Analog processing – Unlimited creative possibilities

Route your mics or synths through the classic valve preamp, analog EQ, and Two notes processing and start creating crazy new sounds or simply add that classic analog warmth to your recordings.

Integrate Your Existing Pedalboard – Your pedals, our cabs

Plug in your favorite reverb, delay, or distortion pedals and combine your unique sound with the power of Two notes and start recording your favorite tones.

Use in standalone mode Store 3 presets onboard

Once you find a tone you love, store up to 3 presets on board Sono and start recording your favorite tones right away, practice without the need for a laptop or even take 3 amps with you on stage!

Record your hardware amps – Re-amp at any time

No need to buy a dedicated re-amp box. Sono always records a clean D.I signal, so you can capture your performances as creativity strikes and re-amp through your favorite hardware amps later.

Record on the fly

Simply load up your go-to sound and start recording instantly without the need to mic up and play through a noisy amp – perfect for home studios.

Jam at home

No need to set up big rigs or turn on your computer, just load up your favorite preset, plug in and start jamming without the risk of annoying your neighbors.

Perform live

Leave the amp at home and travel light. Sono lets you plug straight into any PA using the direct outputs, giving you great results and minimal setup.

Valve Instrument Input – Perfect for feeding an amp sim

Use Sono’s onboard effects to record latency-free and without interruption from processor-hungry amp sims. Then simply run your clean D.I and take through your favorite amp sim afterward, whilst still benefitting from the sonic character of the 12AX7 valve instrument input.

A powerful interface under the hood

Even without the guitar processing, Sono is still an incredibly powerful but simple-to-use recording interface giving you all the tools you need to get studio-quality recordings at home.

Two Audient Console Mic Pres – The professional sound you deserve

You’ve spent years perfecting your sound, why compromise now? Sono provides over 20 years of analog console design heritage on your desktop. Get studio-quality recordings with two of Audient’s renowned console mic preamps.

60dB – Mic pre gain

114dB – Dynamic Range

114dB – Headphone Dynamic Range

Zero Latency Recording – Get better performances

Don’t let latency get in the way of your creativity. Monitor mix allows you to blend between the input signal from your guitar and DAW playback, letting you record and monitor without delay.

Better headphone mixes – Advanced headphone technology

Hear your music as it should sound with Sono’s advanced headphone amp technology, designed to provide enough power for any headphones to perform to their highest potential.

Expand via ADAT – Get more channels

Expand up to 10 inputs via ADAT and record drums, multi-mic cabs, or even capture live performances. Sono lets you take your track from start to finish.

3-Year Limited Warranty

All of our products come with a three-year limited warranty guaranteeing you further protection and peace of mind when you choose Audient.

Create instantly

Bundled with a free suite of creative software including Cubase LE and Cubasis LE for iOS, alongside industry-leading plugins and virtual instruments, you can start recording as soon as you open the box.

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