Audio Ease 360pan suite

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360pan enables you to pan mono, stereo or four channel input files into ambisonics, using pucks that move on top of the (Pro Tools HD) video window.

Gain, distance and reverb width, along with the puck itself will show up in the (Pro Tools HD) video window when a panner is inserted and ‘show puck’ and ‘show overlay’ are switched on. The three sliders appear when you click the three slider icon that shows when you hover the mouse over a puck in the video window.

Signal Flow

It is possible to use the 360reverb in a traditional way using sends and busses, however it is designed to be used in a more clever way:
mono or stereo sources are converted up to ambisonics, while giving it a left-right, up-down, and distance position in the ambisonics bus. A panner is inserted on each sound source track to do this. So panners get mono or stereo (or even 4channels) of input and output ambisonics.

Each 360reverb creates a private ambisonics input, kind of a backdoor, only accessible by the 360pan instances. Each 360reverb shows up as a send destination in each 360panner. This ties the 360pan’s to the reverb in such away that you can adjust distance and reverb-width per panned source. This goes for an unlimited amount of sources even if there is only a single 360reverb in your project (which is the most usual setup).

Besides all this the usual main input of the reverb still functions (also simultaneously with the private input).


360pan: pan your audio to ambisonics using the easy video overlay.
360monitor: monitor ambisonics audio and preview 360 video.
360reverb: first ambisonics convolution reverb
360radar: see your ambisonics audio in the video overlay.
360turner: easily fix misalignments in ambisonics signals.
360bounce export: Exports to first order ambisonics, from second order ambisonics (Pro Tools HD only).
360fuma to ambix: convert FuMa ambisonics audio to AmbiX.
360ambix to fuma: convert AmbiX ambisonics audio to FuMa.


– Mac OS 10.8.5 or up
– Pro Tools 11 HD, Pro Tools 12 HD, Reaper 5 or Nuendo 7
– an account (no ilok usb key required)