Audio Ease Speakerphone

The Speakerphone audio plug-in gives you authentic speakers of any size together with their natural environments.

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Audio Ease Speakerphone is a plug-in that uses acoustic modeling to deliver a very wide range of speaker models. Impulse sources range from cell phones and walkie-talkies, through vintage radios, to guitar cabinets, and much more in between.

The plug-in features much more than speaker IRs (Impulse Responses). A comprehensive complement of DSP includes a dynamics section, EQ, gate, vinyl disc emulation, along with delay, codec, and radio tuning emulations.

Convolution reverb is powered by Altiverb and provides room, outdoor space, hall, resonant enclosures, and reverb gear simulations. Additionally, a large selection of sample files are included that can be easily moved between the plug-in and the host application.

Speakerphone 2 builds on an already solid foundation of the original version and adds more modules, such as a faithful Leslie emulation, expanded guitar rigs, and multiple LFOs with virtual patch cords for modulating various plug-in settings, and enhanced GUI sections.

The software is the perfect tool for film and video audio post-production but is equally at home in the studio as a comprehensive vocal, guitar or other instrument channel strip.


– 400 speaker impulse responses
– 53 Altiverb rooms
– 5GB of ambiances and sound FX, presented in over 500 presets
– Includes dynamics and EQ
– Bit crusher
– Various cell phone codec emulations
– Guitar amplifier and speaker cabinet module contains many classic and modern rig representations
– Includes 106 “covers” that include everything from blankets to car trunks
– Reverb and delay
– Multiple LFO with virtual patch cords for modulating various effects



– G4 1GHz
– OS X 10.4
– 512MB main memory
– 5GB free hard drive space
– Host application supporting RTAS, Audio Unit, MAS or VST plug-in formats


– Pentium 4 1.6GHz or equivalent
– Windows XP SP2
– 512MB main memory
– 5GB free hard drive space
– Host application supporting RTAS or VST plug-in formats
– Display card with true color 1024 x 800 resolution