Avid Sibelius 1Y Subscription

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Write music with up to 16 instruments—great for smaller ensembles


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Avid Sibelius 1Y Subscription

  • Create bigger scores with up to 16 parts
  • Mark up your scores with musical symbols and lines
  • Hear your music with the high-quality 10 GB sound library
  • Share up to 20 scores online with Sibelius | Cloud Sharing
  • Get access to all new releases and Standard support throughout your subscription

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What’s new in Sibelius 2020

Auto-Optimize staff spacing – Sibelius will automatically optimize the space between the staves in your score to fit the music you’re writing.
New Dashed and Dotted and Tie-into Ties – Improvements to ties with three new styles of ties: Dashed, Dotted, and Tie-into.

  • Dashed and Dotted – Commonly used in choral work to indicate a difference in verses within a repeated structure, or to suggest an editorial tie.
  • Tie-into – Useful across a repeating structure where the last note before the 1st-time repeat is also tied into the first beat of the 2nd repeat.

House Styles and Manuscript Papers – Brand new House Styles in Sibelius to give your scores an elegant, contemporary, or casual handwritten appearance.
Accessibility – significant improvements, that not only provide more rich feedback from the score and Sibelius’s UI but also controls for choosing the verbosity of what’s sent to the screen reader.
Large film score time signatures – A new style of Time Signature, which is common in film and TV scores.


What’s included?

  • Sibelius software—Download required (includes software installers and user guides)
  • Sound library—10 GB of professional-quality samples
  • Additional software—AudioScore Lite audio transcribing software, PhotoScore and NotateMe Lite music scanning and handwriting recognition software
  • Support—Sibelius Software Updates + Support Plan, which includes access to all new product updates and Standard Support for the duration of your subscription (or renewable annually if you purchase a Perpetual License)


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