Brauner Phanthera V

FET Condenser Microphone


Brauner Phanthera V

The Brauner Phanthera V impresses with the same qualities as its cardioid-only counterpart, bringing along a lively and intense sound quality and highlighting the sonic aspects of the source material in a subtle manner. In addition to the cardioid directivity, it also allows us to record in omni or bidirectional mode with a simple switch and thus adapt it to different recording situations. Using omnidirectional characteristics, ambiance, as well as soloists or even big orchestras, are captured true-to-life because the sonic environment is also authentically reproduced.

For simultaneous stereo recording with a second microphone in XY or MS configuration, bidirectional characteristics are available. An additional switchable attenuator reduces the output level of the microphone by 10 dB, providing further valuable dynamic range where necessary. This makes the Phanthera V a versatile professional tool for almost every recording situation.


Equivalent Noise < 11 dB A (IEC651)
Signal to Noise > 83 dB (1 Pa/1 kHz-Cardioid)
Sensitivity 28 mV / Pa-Cardioid
Pattern Omni, Cardioid, Figure Eight
Frequency Range 20 Hz – 22 kHz
Maximum SPL 142 dB SPL @ 0,3 % THD
Power Supply 48 V phantom power


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