Bricasti Design M7M

The Bricasti Design Model 7 Mainframe Stereo Reverb Processor


The new Bricasti Design M7M Reverb Processor Mainframe is an exact duplicate of the M7 Stereo Reverb Processor with reduced front panel controls, and is intended to be used in conjunction with the M10 Remote Console. As it is necessary to have an M10 for control, the M7M is made available bundled together with the M10 in several different configurations, with one or more M7Ms, and is offered as a stand alone product for customers wishing to add more channels of Bricasti processing to their M10 based setup without duplicating unnecessary user interface controls. Pictured is our System 1, the M10 with one M7M that can be used as a stand alone product or added to your M7, adding more processing and remote capabilities to your studio.

The Bricasti Design
Model 7 Stereo Reverb Processor

More than 200 Unique reverb presents
Revolutionary new reverb algorithm True Stereo Reverb Process
Classic and new Presents; Halls, Plates, Chambers, Ambient Spaces
12 Parametric Program Parameters
100 User Registers
4 Front panel “Favorites” for quick saves and compares

Hardware Design Features

Dual Dedicated Power Supplies
Custom design toroidal transformer linear supply for analog
High performance switching supply for digital
Separate Digital and Analog modules
non corrosive Stainless Steel chassis and top cover
Milled anodized aluminum front panel, knobs and button caps
Positive feel 2 db stepped analog input level control
Hand Crafted in the USA