Burl Audio B80-B22-ORCA-ELMA

4-channel DAC card for B16/B80 Mothership with Control Room Monitor with ELMA audiophile stepped attenuator, switchable BX5 output transformer, Burl NextGen BOPA14 op-amp

**Specify B16 or B80


B22 ORCA Control Room Monitor Mothership Daughter Card The ORCA is the most highly evolved of all aquatic species. One who uses sonic superiority and harmony to dominate his environment, the ORCA is the APEX PREDATOR of all of the oceans of the Earth. Building on the reputation of the B26 ORCA for sonic superiority, BURL Audio introduces the ultimate in control room monitoring for the B16 and B80 Mothership, the B22 ORCA Control Room Monitor daughter card. The B22 ORCA utilizes the same analog, all-discrete circuit path philosophy as other BURL Audio products with an emphasis on the ultimate in sonic transparency and 3D stereo imaging. Featuring the BURL NextGen BOPA14 op-amps, the B22 delivers tight bass and high definition throughout the audio spectrum.

Instruments and mixes have a more real, 3D sound, with wider stereo image and even more depth while preserving the original shape and harmonic balance of the source. The B22 ORCA employs 4 DAC channels. The first two are mix/mastering grade DAC channels with switchable BX5 output transformers. These channels can be used to feed a separate headphone amp or a mix/mastering chain. You can also use these channels to send out tracks for analog processing. The second two DAC channels feed the main monitor section which features two stereo speaker outputs and one stereo headphone output. Couple the new B22 ORCA Control Room Monitor daughter card with a B16 Mothership and a B4 MIC/LINE input card and you have an amazing audiophile desktop recording rig. Or, combine the B22 ORCA with a B16 and a BAD4M and you have the ultimate 4 in x 4 out mastering solution. Evolve your listening, mixing and mastering through the B22 ORCA Control Room Monitor and give you and your ears a competitive advantage.

•4-channel DAC MOTHERSHIP daughter card

•Direct coupled, discrete, class-A analog signal path

•BURL NextGen BOPA14 op-amps

•2 DAC channels with switchable BX5 output transformer

•2 DAC channels for monitoring

•2 stereo speaker outputs

•1 stereo headphone output

•External meter output

•Alps audiophile attenuator (standard)

•Stepped 0.1% matched resistor attenuator (optional)



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