d&b audiotechnik DS100 Signal Engine

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Network-driven and Dante-enabled DSP platform


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The d&b audiotechnik DS100 Signal Engine is the hardware, a network-controlled and Dante-enabled DSP platform that provides comprehensive signal management within the familiar d&b Workflow. It comprises a 64×64 matrix, with delay and level control for all crosspoints and extensive signal processing at all inputs and outputs, integrated in the operating concept of the d&b R1 Remote control software, including grouping of parameters in remote views and storing of scenes in snapshots.

Advanced features within ArrayCalc and R1 simplify the integration of these matrix functions into d&b loudspeaker configurations. From configuring the DS10 Network bridge to preparing an output Dante patch for connecting the speakers. In addition, all functions of the matrix can be controlled via OSC, i. e. they can be remotely controlled and automated via this standardized open source protocol for complex applications.

d&b En-Scene.

d&b En-Scene is the Soundscape software module for object-based signal management. This extends the basic matrix function of the DS100 with an object-based positioning tool for every input. In addition to the possibility of independent positioning and moving up to 64 sound objects, an algorithm-based control of up to 64 loudspeakers is provided, based on the loudspeaker positions and their assignment to function groups. Each loudspeaker position needs one matrix output. Loudspeaker positions used for En-Scene can be used with the static matrix at the same time. All this can be configured and controlled via ArrayCalc and R1 within the d&b Workflow.

En-Scene also can be controlled via OSC. This enables the integration of object-based positioning via appropriate plug-ins into audio software and shows controls or directly into mixing consoles. If En-Scene is installed on the DS100, the user can freely choose which of the 64 input channels of the DS100 should work object-based and which are used for static matrix functions. Both modes of operation can be used simultaneously within a DS100.

d&b En-Space.

d&b En-Space is the Soundscape software module to enhance or build an acoustic environment, either indoor or outdoor, based on the convolution of the audio signals on a large number of impulse responses captured in acoustically renowned performance spaces ranging from chamber recitals to large concert halls.

En-Space applies the unique technology of boundary plane emulation. The room response uses a set of 144 boundary plane responses for 64 positions distributed along the circumference and stage lip of the venue. The sampled responses are taken from boundary measurements at the walls, which is exactly the location from where the En-Space loudspeaker sources will later reproduce them.

En-Space is an in-line technology, meaning to generate or expand the acoustic environment it does not use microphone feedback loops. It can be set up and operated quickly, making access to some of the world’s most renowned performance spaces a reality for mobile or installation situations.


  • Processing platform for the d&b Soundscape
  • 64 x 64 matrix Level and Delay in every crosspoint
  • I/O processing EQ, gain, delay, polarity
  • Dante I/O
  • Latency < 1.5 ms (Dante In to Dante Out)
  • Optional Soundscape software module En-Scene for object-based signal management
  • Optional Soundscape room emulation tool En-Space

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