Elysia MusEQ

The Analog Musical Equalizer


Perfect Shape

The Elysia musEQ is an equalizer that combines premium sound shaping with optimally matched parameters and highest quality components, enabling the user to create musical results in no time at all. The five bands and their ample gain ranges as well as some special features make the museq a perfect choice for any tracking or mixing situation, and the stepped controllers are easily recallable for mix bus or mastering applications.

5 reasons why you should use the museq

even there are many more!

  • Build Quality

    The museq, just like all our products, is designed, engineered, and handcrafted in Germany.

  • 100% Discrete Class-A Technology

    Consequently represents the art of discrete signal processing

  • Warm Mode Function

    This is the second, switchable sound flavor by altering its frequency spectrum, harmonics, and transient response.

  • Pure Transparency Filter Stages

    The puristic design of the filter stages with current feedback amplifier stages and without any coupling capacitors results in outstanding sound quality. On-board frequency selective compression.

  • Active Bandpasses

    The filter stages are completely active and benefit from a puristic design approach without any coupling capacitors – the basis for a truly musical EQ.

Build Quality

The museq is all about details.

Every single of its many aspects – sound, features, circuitry, components, design, materials, manufacturing – has been thought over and over until there was just nothing left to improve. Basically, every single part of our fine products is custom, and most of these are made according to our own designs and specs.

Only the best components the market has to offer are good enough for the alpha, and it shows. Each of our products is manually built to order and tested by ourselves, here at our headquarters in Germany.

Our product benefits sum up in an audio quality that is beyond all doubt. Even when extreme settings are used, the sound always stays clean and powerful. The museq achieves perfect processing results for all different styles of music and assures the ‘this is it’ feeling of a finished song. Its enhanced functions exceed the potential of normal equalizers by far and give you unimagined options for mastering and mixing.

Resonance Phenomena

The circuit design of the museq is 100% discrete analog technology. All signal processing is based on single transistors in permanent class-A mode, and even the power supply is composed of fully discrete circuits. In addition to the standard EQ features which cover the daily work, the museq has a couple of secret weapons for extended creative workouts up its sleeve.

The encapsulated and stepped conductive plastic potentiometers are custom built to our own specifications, and they are matched to pairs for every single unit. On top of this, the museq does not use any internal audio cabling at all. The result: Superior handling and perfect sound quality.

Active Bandpasses with FETs

All filter stages of the museq are active designs without any inductors. The actual layout of the bandpasses is where the magic happens: Basically, they are composed of only six transistors, two capacitors, and the resistor that determines the frequency.

This circuitry forms a bandpass that operates without any feedback, which results in a very musical sound. Especially regarding filters, this puristic and compact design is of considerable acoustic benefit.

Boost/Cut Mode

Each band of the museq can be switched from boost into cut mode. The advantage is that the complete controller range is utilized for the desired action and the resolution of the stepped potentiometers is twice as large.

Another noteworthy fact is that the filters carry a signal permanently, which grants a superb signal-to-noise ratio and also produces a pleasant amount of harmonics.

Not until the gain controller is used, the specific frequency band will come into action. If the gain controller remains in its 0 positions, the signal will not be affected at all – the band is virtually switched off.