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The Soundshaping Preamp Module


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The Creative Talent

The Elysia skulpter 500 is the ultimate recording front end. Its audiophile preamp is based on single resistors controlling a fully discrete Class-A amplifier capable of complementing any microphone with a remarkably true and natural sound.

If additional mojo is needed, two variable saturation/filter stages and an intelligent onboard compressor make voices and instruments sound like a finished record right from the start.

Way more than just a preamp, the Elysia skulpter 500 is a complete recording solution – everything you’ll ever need in front of your DAW.

5 reasons why you should use the elysia skulpter 500

even there are many more!

  • Build Quality

    The skulpter 500, just like all our products, is designed, engineered, and handcrafted in Germany.

  • Class-A Topology

    Consequently represents the art of discrete signal processing.

  • Dual Sound Shaper

    Two variable saturation/filter stages provide multiple options for making voices and instruments sound like a finished record.

  • Dynamics section

    Just a single knob…. but its powerful hidden features enable it to control dynamics in all its aspects. Simple and incredibly useful.

  • Variable low-cut filter

    A Filter Design that lets you choose the best frequency for getting rid of low-end rumble. Set and forget or quickly adapt when needed.

Build Quality

elysia skulpter 500 is all about details.

Every single of its many aspects like sound, features, circuitry, components, design, materials, and manufacturing has been thought over and over until there was just nothing left to improve. Basically, every single part of our fine products is custom, and most of these are made according to our own designs and specs.

Only the best components the market has to offer are good enough for the Elysia skulpter 500, and it shows. Each of our products is manually built to order and tested by ourselves, here at our headquarters in Germany.

Our product benefits sum up in an audio quality that is beyond all doubt. Even when extreme settings are used, the sound always stays clean and powerful.

A Complete Channel

Whether clean or colored, the sonic bliss does not stop at your mic locker. The Elysia skulpter 500 provides a balanced DI input with significant headroom, so just about any signal coming from guitars, basses, synths and effects will benefit greatly from the Elysia skulpter 500’s pristine amplification and versatile processing qualities.

Audiophile Gain Staging

The Elysia skulpter 500 does not use a potentiometer for changing its gain, but a much more audiophile topology instead: Fixed resistors switched by a cascade of relays and electronic switches. This setup is controlled by an encoder with 20 steps per rotation, providing a total of 40 gain values in 1.5/2 dB steps (total gain range: 3 – 65 dB).

The following amplifier is a fully discrete class-A design. Similar to many tube amps, it operates in feed-forward mode, which means it works without high amounts of negative feedback. The result is an extremely natural and beautiful sounding preamp.

The Elysia skulpter 500 provides an ample amount of gain, starting at unusually low values and going up to what you’ll need to properly amplify ribbons with high gain requirements. A huge benefit of this is that an additional pad becomes completely unnecessary, resulting in a better signal-to-noise ratio.

The actual mic preamp and the direct input have a separate gain value for each. If you change from Mic to DI or vice versa, the gain will automatically change accordingly. This comes in really handy as in most of the cases microphones require a considerably higher amount of gain, which would be way too much for a synth or similar sources plugged into the DI.

Using single resistors arranged in a cascade guarantees exact gain values. As a result, multiple preamps do not require factory matching or consecutive serial numbers when forming stereo pairs or multichannel configurations.

When an Elysia skulpter 500 is powered off its current gain setting is saved automatically, so the preamp will start with exactly the same amount of gain on the next session.

Signal Mute Switch

Pressing the mute switch instantly reduces the output level to zero. While in this state, instruments can easily be changed on the DI, cables can be swapped, mics can be replaced by others – without blowing ears or speakers.

In addition, the mute function comes in really handy for canceling source signals from the recording room when silence is needed for listening to playbacks.

Apart from the dedicated switch, the Elysia skulpter 500 automatically soft starts with the mute function enabled for a short moment, which avoids nasty surprises when powering up.

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