Eventide MangledVerb

Reverb with distortion

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While the H9 can produce many beautiful sounds, we recognize the universe is a chaotic and often violent place, so in the spirit of the yin and yang of it all, we included MangledVerb from the Eventide Eclipse.

Technically, MangledVerb feeds a non-standard stereo reverb into distortion, but sonically it can range from the light friction of a bow scraping a cello string to the mayhem of a caged beast being poked with a red hot flounder. Judicious use of the [WOBBLE] and [ODRIVE] is approved, and try small [SIZE] and short [DECAY] for some surprising sounds


All H9 algorithms require an H9 stompbox to function.
To demo or purchase any algorithm, please download the the H9 Control app.