Focal ST6 Twin6

2.5-Way Monitor


The Focal ST6 Twin6 is 2.5-way monitor offering transparency, a level of definition, dynamics, and soundstage precision that is unrivaled in this price range. Thanks to its Focus full-range mode, Twin6 is two monitors in one, where the woofers alone become full-range speaker drivers.

Key points

• Beryllium inverted dome tweeter: very low directionality, excellent linearity, and dynamics
• Optimised baffle tweeter: excellent dispersion control
• Composite sandwich ‘W’-cone: sound neutrality, no distortion
• Focus mode: two monitors in one; a 2-way monitor and a 1-way full-range monitor (woofer alone)
• Large laminar port: no port noises or distortion
• Automatic disengageable stand-by mode
• Settings: activatable/deactivatable, LF shelving, HF shelving, LPF @ 160Hz


Type: 2.5-way monitor
Frequency response: (@ -3dB) 45Hz – 40kHz
Low cut-off frequency: (@ -6dB) 40Hz
Focus mode: 110Hz – 10kHz
Maximum SPL: (Average CEA2034 50–10kHz free field @ 1m) 112dB
Focus mode: (Average CEA2034 100–10kHz free field @ 1m) 111.5dB
Input: Balanced XLR 10 kΩ
Bass amplifier stage: 2 x 70W RMS
Treble amplifier stage: 50W RMS
Nominal power supply: ~100-120 VAC/220-240 VAC 50/60Hz
User controls: Sensitivity, stand-by, Left/Right, HPF, LF Shelv, LMF EQ, HF Shelv
Fuses: ~100-120V, T3.15AL/250V ~220-240V, T1.6AL/250V
Bass: 2 x 6.5″ (16.5cm) “W” cone
Treble: 1.5″ (38mm) Beryllium
Shielding: no
Construction: 7/8″ (22mm) MDF
Finish: Dark red natural veneering side panels, black body
Dimensions: (HxWxD) 101/8×201/4×131/2″ (25.8×51.4×34.4cm)
Weight: 48.5lbs (22kg)
Temperature range: During use: 5-35°C In storage: 0-50°C: