Genelec 7050CPM

8″ driver/ 130W class D amplifier.


For those demanding a compact subwoofer with extended LF performance, generous SPL, and professional bass management, the Genelec 7050CPM is a natural choice.

Perfect partners

The perfect partner for any nearfield monitor, particularly our own 8010, 8020, and 8030 models, the 7050C boasts a number of improvements over its A and B predecessors, including onboard bass management, lower distortion, a universal switched-mode power supply, and an increased maximum SPL of 103 dB.

Stereo or multichannel

With five input and output channels with 85 Hz filtering – plus a 120 Hz LFE input – the 7050C is equally suited to stereo or multichannel work, and its laminar spiral enclosure provides extended LF response down to 24 Hz with impressively low distortion. Rear-panel DIP switches control subwoofer phase and LF roll-off, engage the +10 dB LFE level, and also activate and control the sensitivity of the 7050C’s ISS power-saving mode.

Package contains:

1 x 7050C Subwoofer
1 x mains cable 1,8 m
1 x Operating manual

Technical specifications

103 dB
Frequency response
24 Hz – 85 Hz (-6 dB) / LFE 24 Hz – 120 Hz (-6 dB)
Driver dimension
8 inch
Amplifier power
130 W
H 410 x W 350 x D 319 mm, 16 1/8 x 13 3/4 x 12 9/16 inch
17.3 kg (38.1 lb)
5.1 XLR analog inputs, 5 x XLR analog outputs

Additional information

Weight 39 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 14 × 17 in