Grace Design M101

One. Perfect. Channel.


Maintaining Grace Design pedigree throughout, the m101 employs our balanced, transformerless,
transimpedance circuit topology. With incredible bandwidth and headroom, the m101 is natural,
musical and detailed, allowing engineers and musicians to consistently record vibrant, amazing tracks.
The m101 is equipped with our new universal switching power supply, which is dead quiet and accepts
input voltages from 100 to 240VAC. The front panel is a tough black anodized / laser etched black, which
ensures legibility and usability in varying light conditions. And all preamp functions have a dedicated
indicator LED, including the 48V phantom power and HPF switch.
Built in as standard is our unique Ribbon Mic Mode, which bypasses the input decoupling capacitorss,
raises the input impedance from 8.1kΩ to 20kΩ, and defeats the 48V phantom power, preventing
damage to delicate ribbon mic elements. Ribbon mics, you’re welcome.
The gain range is 10-75dB, including the additional +10dB of gain available with the output trim control.
This provides ample gain for use of any type of microphone in any recording situation. The gain control
is a presicion gold plated 12 position switch and the circuit path is built with 0.5% metal film resistors.
Included is a HI-Z input on the front panel. Rear panel I/O options include both balanced TRS and
unbalanced TS 1/4” outputs, along with the standard XLR balanced out and XLR microphone in.
Equally at home amplifying a vintage condenser mic or a plugged-in acoustic guitar, the m101 delivers
the kind of high fidelity performance previously available only to big budget recording studios and
Grammy winning musicians. Add it all up while considering that the price is unmatched and the picture
becomes pretty clear – the m101 is one little hot rod piece of pro audio gear for the masses.

Fast and musical transimpedance architecture
Updated audio path with 0.5% precision metal film resistors
New 12 position gold plated rotary gain switch
High performance output line driver amplifier and HPF amplifier
New Ribbon mic mode (also great for dynamic mics)- Relay bypass of phantom power decoupling
capacitors, increased
input impedance, and 48V lockout
Wider 10-75dB gain range
Enhanced RFI interference suppression
Three output connectors: XLR balanced, TRS balanced and ¼” unbalanced
Bombproof laser-etched black anodized frontpanel
Sealed gold contact relay for Hi-Z input switching
Built in power supply / no wall-wart!
Led indicators for +48V, Ribbon mode, and HPF
Five year warranty on parts and labor
Made in the USA


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