Internet CO. F-REX

Visualize Vol, Freq, & Panning of Signal

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Internet CO. F-REX from VOCALOID is an audio processor with a visual analyzer that offers real-time control over volume, frequency, and panning. Independently control inside and outside the area of the specific part focused by panning and frequency. Additionally, compression and reverb effects can be applied, while adjusting volume and panning intuitively. The Mac- and Windows-compatible plug-in can be used to create “minus-one” tracks by effectively removing an instrument or voice for Karaoke tracks. Boosting an instrument’s frequency range can also be helpful when trying to learn a song or part.

You can control independently the inside and the outside area of the specific part focused by panning and frequency. You can apply effects (compressor and reverb) to the sound and adjust volume and panning intuitively.

These functions make you create ‘minus-one songs’. F-REX can find a specific sound in the song, for example, the vocal part, and minimize its volume. ‘Noise-canceling’ can be done as well. Also adjusting the volume to specific instruments makes the sound more audible and learn a song easier. F-REX can be used for various purposes and you can produce unique remixes sound.

Key Features

  • Built-In Visual Audio Analyzer
  • Independent Control Over Volume and Pan
  • Independent Control Over Frequency
  • On-Board Compression and Reverb
  • Create “Minus-One” Tracks
  • Great for Karaoke & Instrumental Remixes