JCF Audio AD8

The AD-8 hearkens a remarkable “analog” feel and vibe, with its passive, input transformer coupled topology. Those who are familiar with tape recording, will be right at home using this AD converter.


The JCF Audio AD8 with PEP stands to revolutionize the art of recording. (Yes, we’re serious.)

This 8 channel analog to digital converter has absolutely no active electronics in the audio path. None. Zero. A carefully crafted Cinemag input transformer retains the floating input and high common-mode rejection figures essential for the modern recording environment.

The AD8 is the first platform for new PEP technology. After carefully studying attributes of various recording media, Power Equalization Processing was created to counteract a fundamental sonic dilemma that is ubiquitous in the digital recording era. PEP accomplishes this with no measured steady-state distortion, noise or net change in frequency response whatsoever. The AD8 returns musicality to multi channel tracking and paves the way for the future of recorded music; just add some PEP.

More about PEP


  • PEP technology
  • Ships with AES input option for 8ch. offline PEP processing
  • Extremely low group delay without PEP engaged
  • ~13dB front panel calibration range control
  • No active analog audio path electronics
  • Cinemag analog input transformers
  • JCF Audio standard high isolation power supply arrangements
  • Very low power consumption
  • 2 year limited warranty
Download the Manual here


Number of Channels 8
Digital Outputs 110Ω transformer coupled AES/EBU compatible
2ch S/PDIF
Analog Input ~2.8kΩ Floating
Digital Inputs 110Ω transformer coupled AES/EBU compatible
2ch. S/Pdif optical input
2 ch. S/Pdif BNC input (jumper selectable)
Calibration Range +4dBu to -13dbFS / -26 dbFS
Sync Options Internal, Word, S/Pdif, AES (all sampling frequencies)


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