JCF Audio DA8T

Please note: The PEP option is an additional cost


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The JCF Audio DA8-T is an High-Resolution 8 channel Digital to Analog converter that can, as an option, use PEP.

The unit receives the industry standard AES/EBU protocol on four XLR connectors. The AES/EBU inputs operate in single-wire mode exclusively at all sampling frequencies. The DA8-T can derive its sync source from an incoming bi-phase stream on XLR, a Word clock, or an incoming
Optical input.

The DA8-T has eight analog outputs that are floating and <50 ohms. Pin 1 of all of the XLR’s on the unit are internally tied to circuit common. This should be kept in mind wiring systems together. The transformer coupled outputs can easily be interfaced with virtually any studio interconnection scheme while providing isolation and superb common-mode rejection figures essential for studio environments. The device is pin 2 positive for the analog outputs. The XLR inputs are 110 ohm floating inputs and do not have preferred polarity.


  • Low group delay
  • ~10dB front panel calibration range control
  • Cinemag analog output transformers
  • JCF Audio standard high isolation power supply arrangements
  • Low power consumption
  • PEP option
  • Very low power consumption
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
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Number of Channels8
D/A Calibration RangeMIN
Level fully counterclockwise
0dBFS = +13dBu | -9dBFS = +4dBu | -18dBFS = -5dBuMAX
Level fully clockwise
0dBFS = +23dBu | -19dBFS = +4dBu | -18dBFS = +5dBu 

Unit ships with level control yielding -18dBFS = +4dBu

Power Consumption< 24 Watts
THD+N(80k BW lim)
1kHz -18dBFS yielding +4dBu : <= -60 dB (.07%) all sampling frequencies
1kHz -8dBFS yielding +14dBu: <= -68 dB (.03%) all sampling frequencies
Frequency Response (relative to 0 @ 1k)44.1kHz : 20Hz -0.1dB | 20kHz -0.1dB

88.2kHz: 20Hz -0.1dB | 20kHz -0.1dB | 30kHz -0.7dB | 40kHz -1.2dB


176.4kHz 20Hz -0.1dB | 20kHz -0.1dB | 50kHz -2.3dB | 70kHz -3.8dB

Shipping weight15 lbs. 30”X 24”X10”
Max DimensionsL: 10.31” W: 19” H: 1.74”
Fuses:3x 500ma 5x20mm, inside unit
1x 2A 5x20mm, inside unit
1x 3A, 3AG Fuse holder external


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