Latch Lake Music iOxboom Kit

18 inch XTRA boom, Magnetic, IOX Red 360º mount, 2 pcs, Metal mount stickers for device case


In partnership with iOmounts, the Latch Lake Music iOxboom Kit is a flexible and secure way to magnetically hold your phone or tablet on your microphone stand. Compatible with most portable devices of today and more importantly tomorrow. The mount is supplied with a smooth steel ball (iOball) that screws onto any 5/8″-27 thread in place of the mic clip, a magnet (iOcore) which can be positioned anywhere on the outside of the ball, and two steel stickers (iOadapts), that you apply to your approved devices or their cases. In order to efficiently utilize a stand and space, the iOxboom comes with an Xtra Boom, allowing you to securely attach the iOxmount on to microphone stands, and even drum hardware! This mount is great for sheet music, lyrics, viewing the video for ADR and post, controlling your DAW from the performance area, as an instrument, effects, filming the video, taking pictures, running your own monitor mixes, running your metronome, controlling your lights and much more! Wherever you use your tablet or phone, the iOxboom will hold it.

**NOTE: The 12-inch iPad Pro is NOT SUPPORTED at this time. While it is under the weight limit for this device, it is above the 10-inch maximum tablet size**

***iOmounts SYSTEM NOT TO BE USED WITH Qi AND OTHER WIRELESS CHARGING! We suggest adhering to the iOadapt on a case and removing the device from the case when charging wirelessly. iOmounts is not responsible for damage when used incorrectly!***

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 4 × 4 in