Latch Lake Music SGMM

SPIN GRIP 5/8”-27 Latch Lake Rotatable mic mount.

* Please specify the Black [BK] or Chrome [CH] Models *


Spin Grip Mic Mount

The Latch Lake Music SGMM, one of the final tweaks to the original micKing3300, single-handedly fixed the long-standing joke of “positionable” microphone mounts. Due to its high popularity within the micKing product line, we made the SGMM a stand-alone accessory for owners of non-Latch Lake microphone stands. With a positionable range of 295º, the SGMM utilizes a 3″ disk brake capable of locking the heaviest of microphones in place. Its unique free-spinning thread system allows for spinning the threads onto your microphone instead of spinning your microphone onto the threads. The basic SGMM comes with a 1 x 5/8-27 thread extender (Thread Saver) to facilitate short threads often found on most microphone stands. Its mounting point is a 5/8-27 thread for US microphones. A European adapter is available.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 4 in