Little Labs Redcloud

Compact 8-channel balanced attenuator pack


The Little Labs REDCLOUD 8810ERS

Compact 8-channel balanced attenuator pack

Born out of necessity for recording engineer Don Smith, aka Redcloud (Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks), who liked lots of gain on his mic pre amps but needed a simple, flexible way to attenuate the post mic pre-line level signals.

Plug the Redcloud into your db25 modular patch bay and patch it in anywhere you need high-quality passive attenuation (more places than you might initially think). The Redcloud 8810U8ERS will be a must-have accessory in any engineer’s toolbox!


  • 8 rotary balanced faders

  • DB25 standard analog I/O

  • Stereo or mono selectable

  • Tracks left to right accurately

  • Passive 5k ohm impedance

  • Pre Pro Tools attenuation

  • Post mic pre-attenuation

  • Stepped volume controls

  • Up to 32 faders in a 1u rack