MCDSP AE600 Active EQ HD

Active Equalizer

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MCDSP AE600 Active EQ HD

New and unique EQ modes, independent control of fixed and active EQ bands, and an ultra-low latency algorithm make the AE600 the perfect solution for any audio production. Every fixed and active band in the AE600 has its own gain, frequency, Q, and mode controls. Mode options include parametric, proportional Q parametric, 5x Q parametric, Baxandall shelving EQ, vintage-styled EQ, and a new X-style shelving EQ. All bands are completely overlapping and can use the input signal or selected side chain inputs to trigger the active EQ response.

Crisp Vocals
A good way to insure the vocal always has space in a mix is by using the AE600 and its side chain (external) capabilities.
Gigantic Drums
Indeed, one may consider multi-band compression for equalizing a drum set. But active EQ maybe even better.
Mix Down
Final tweaks to a stereo mix-down are readily handled by the flexibility of the AE600. Every band can be any of the 13 EQ and filter shapes.


    • Six fully overlapping fixed and active EQ bands
    • Independent control over all fixed and active EQ parameters per band
    • Selectable EQ mode per fixed and active bands
  • Unique active EQ ratio response control
    • Side chain support
    • Double precision processing
    • Zero latency
    • Collection of presets from award-winning mix engineers
  • Mono and stereo versions


  • HD: AAX DSP/Native, AU, VST3
  • Native: AAX Native, AU, VST3
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