MCDSP Channel G Surround

Channel G Surround

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MCDSP Channel G Surround

Channel G Surround is a Compressor/Limiter optimized for 5.1 channels using 4 compressor sets – LR, C, LsRs, and LFE.
The Channel G Surround compressor sets can key from any combination of the LR, C, LsRs, and LFE channels. Individual compressor controls can be linked across various surround channels, and the LFE channel includes an optional low pass filter.
Channel Ducking
Giving different channels emphasis at different times enhances the listening experience and allows an otherwise crowded mix some breathing room.
Control Linking
Extensive control linking is available in the G Surround Compressor (5.1). Each compressor (LR, C, LsRs, LFE) can act as a master, and selected compressors can link (relatively) to the master band.
Control Matrix
Each Channel set is accessible from the page control is located in the ‘control matrix’ at the right lower half of the user interface.


    • Full-featured surround Compressor/Limiter in LR, C, LsRs, and LFE channel sets
    • Optional LFE low pass filter 24 dB/Oct slope
  • Double precision processing
    • Zero latency
    • Collection of presets from award-winning mix engineers
  • 5.1 version only


  • HD: AAX DSP/Native
All McDSP v7 plug-ins are optimized for Apple silicon and the latest Intel Processors. If CPU efficiency is what you’re looking for, v7 is for you.
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