Echo Collection

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The MCDSP EC-300 Echo HD Collection brings the sound of dozens of echo and chorus effects into a single plug-in.
The three delay types – Magnetic, Digital, and Analog – come with a generous collection of user controls, plenty of character modes, highly stylized visual feedback, and McDSP’s nearly two decades of gear modeling experience.
Each EC-300 delay type comes with additional character modes to create new and unique sounds. Other delay features include adjustable saturation, wow and flutter, delay output ducking, in-loop filtering and EQ, and level control at the input and output stages. The EC-300 can operate in single, dual, and ping-pong modes, and delay time can be synced to session playback or to a tapped tempo.
When creating echo effects, the amount each delay on the EC-300 is fed back into the other can add some complex variation for believable ambient effects.
Stereo Width
The Width, Offset and Spread control each setup of the stereo field of the EC-300 in different ways.
The complex processing of the SIM really enhances the range of flange, chorus, and echo effects achievable in the EC-300, unlike any other delay available.


    • Three delay types – Magnetic, Digital, and Analog
    • Wide variety of character modes per delay type
    • Saturation, Wow, Flutter, Ducking, and other delay features
  • Single, dual, and ping-pong delay operation
    • Tap tempo and session sync
    • Double precision processing
    • Mono, stereo, and mono-to-stereo versions
  • Collection of presets from award-winning mix engineers


  • Native: AAX Native, AU, VST3
  • HD: AAX DSP/Native, AU, VST3