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Pyramix Native Premium


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Merging Technologies Pyramix Native Premium

This is our flagship Pyramix. The perfect pack for those who decided to fully embrace no-compromise audio in order to focus their full attention on the emotions of the music.

This is the one pack that enables professionals to deliver the masterpiece to music aficionados “en masse” (for example in Dolby Atmos).

Pyramix PREMIUM integrates with the biggest and most powerful controllers in the market, so it is very easy to maximize investments already made in your studio.

Pyramix is a digital audio workstation used by professional studios and engineers the world over for music production, mastering, TV, and film post-production.

Pyramix, in combination with its networked audio interfaces, offers the only end-to-end solution on the market to produce music digitally with an audio format that sounds like analog to humans.

We enable music producers to give no compromise to their music throughout the whole production chain and give them all the tools needed for a broad outreach including the latest “Next Generation Audio” streaming formats such as Dolby Atmos ®.

Merging Technologies has worked with companies such as Flux Audio to bring into Pyramix astounding plugins available in any resolution and at near zero latencies.

Did you think it wasn’t possible to have low latency in a computer?
Analog sound isn’t just about sonic character, but also about immediacy. Electricity travels at 300 million meters per second and this is what you need to provide a musician with for a great performance.
Merging Technologies developed the MassCore engine which allows your DAW to behave in real-time. MassCore can be added to any Pyramix or Ovation system and brings in massive extra power, I/Os, and ultra-low latency.

Pyramix not only provides the most transparent analog-like DAW, but it also provides you with cutting-edge editing tools, such as the very unique source/destination mode which allows editing of huge multi-track recordings at the speed of light just like it was a simple mono track.

Pyramix comes in many flavors to cater to different budgets, but always make sure you get to give the best sonic chances your music deserves with DSD/DXD. Pyramix has got a lot more for you… go and check our software packs for a full tour!

New Packs And Prices

Pyramix now comes into 3 versions:


Pyramix ELEMENTS is extremely affordable, giving you all the 3D audio tools you can dream of as well as your entry into “Analog-like” digital audio.

Pyramix PRO brings in the acclaimed Source/Destination Editing that you can use (regardless of which DAW you chose to record on and which ones you will mix with, although we obviously recommend staying in Pyramix for the best sonic integrity) as well as a wealth of mixing tools.

Pyramix PREMIUM is the ultimate mastering tool including everything you need to record, edit, mix and importantly, deliver amazing music in any format.

Discover our new packs here.

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