Meyer Sound Acheron

Screen Channel Loudspeaker


Bringing Power and Clarity to Cinema Sound

Cinema-Specific Horn Design

The Acheron horn is specifically designed for cinema, featuring a very soft roll-off outside the well-behaved coverage angle, and it is fixed within the enclosure to ensure accurate acoustic crossover, phase response, and a consistent vertical pattern between the low and high frequencies.

Find The Right Fit For Your Venue Size

With its uncompromising quality and full bandwidth, the Acheron is suitable for small and medium theatres, dub stages, and production and post-production facilities. and for larger theatres with the use of the Acheron LF low-frequency extension.

Self-Powered Design

The Acheron’s sophisticated onboard amplification produces consistent and predictable results in any system design, and simplifies installation in both new and existing rooms. Internal signal processing includes an electronic crossover and correction filters along with driver protection circuitry.

Rich, Clean Sound for Theatres Large and Small