Meyer Sound CAL

Column Array Loudspeaker


Take Directing Sound to a New Level

Beam Steering so Precise, It’s Unprecedented

Designed primarily for vocal reproduction in fixed installations, CAL loudspeakers produce a vertical beam of programmable width and then digitally steer the beam’s pattern up to 30 degrees up or down for best intelligibility.

Three Models to Choose From

CAL comes in three models – 32, 64, 96 – each providing a different maximum output level over an operating frequency range of 100 Hz to 16 kHz.
One Speaker. Powerful Range

A single, unobtrusive CAL loudspeaker can provide clear vocal reproduction over a large area while minimizing undesirable reflections.


CAL is a great choice for airports, convention centers, places of worship, stadiums, shopping malls, retails spaces, and reverberant spaces requiring low-profile sound reinforcement for voice reproduction.
Seamless Interoperability with AVB

As the first loudspeaker to claim AVnu certification, CAL will have seamless interoperability with certified AVB devices from other vendors, and offer numerous advantages of the open IEEE AVB standards.

Quantum Advancement in Coverage Control

Custom Drivers and Tweeters

Designed and optimized for beam steering, the CAL self-powered steerable column array loudspeakers provide an unprecedented level of accuracy both in its sonic quality and its directionality.

Flexible and Customizable

Flexible mounting options allow users to mount CAL loudspeakers against walls or columns, and custom colors ensure they will blend into any background. Weather protection is standard and permits outdoor installations, making it easy to integrate CAL into any environment.

Sophisticated Digital Control

Greater precision requires greater processing power and lower-level control. This is why CAL powers and controls every driver individually, and each CAL loudspeaker houses advanced processors that use the best algorithms to run intensive mathematical models in real time.

Solutions for Accuracy

CAL’s steering enables system designers to provide directed coverage even when mounting options in a venue do not allow physically aiming the loudspeaker to the desired coverage area. Multiple or split beams can be used as needed – for example, a split beam can be used to avoid sound hitting a reflective balcony surface.

Steering the Sound

“Thanks to the vertical steering capability of CAL, we were able to precisely direct the beam angles to the seating areas in each room… CAL gave us astounding results.”
Nicolin Salis Executive Project Manager, RGBP

CAL Clarifies Communication

“[With CAL,] no matter where you are sitting in the audience, the sound is always present, at just the right level. It goes beyond just excellent intelligibility—you get the feeling the person is right there in front of you, even when speaking from across the room”

Arlen Sanders Project Manager, LA Metro