Meyer Sound Galileo GALAXY

Network Platform


Proven Audio Processing Gets a Network Transformation

Our First Fully Networkable Loudspeaker Processor

Galileo GALAXY harnesses open-source AVB technology to extend a new level of audio control in driving and aligning loudspeaker systems with multiple zones. It provides a powerful toolset for corrective equalization and creative fine-tuning, in a full range of applications from touring to cinema.

Industry’s Best Processing Tools Elevated

Building on Galileo’s meticulously engineered algorithms, Galileo GALAXY retains users’ favorite processing tools, including the patented five-band U-Shaping and parametric EQ, while adding a new crosspoint delay matrix feature and improved delay integration. Three versions are available for different configuration needs.

Sound Performance Second to None

A new generation of FPGA-based processing with up to 64-bit resolution delivers increased dynamic range, a lower noise floor, and super-low latency of 0.6ms analog in to analog out.

Discover the Simplicity of an Avb Network

Galileo GALAXY lets you work smarter and quicker, whether it’s reconfiguring network audio routing, expanding the system, or integrating with AVB-capable network infrastructure. All audio and control data pass through one single network cable.