Meyer Sound UP-4SLIM Loudspeaker

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Ultra-compact installation loudspeaker with dual 4″ driver cones


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The Meyer Sound UP-4SLIM is a full-range installation loudspeaker that offers wide dispersion and high fidelity sound in an unobtrusive compact, light-weight cabinet

Sound reinforcement, and in particular speaker placement, while essential to audience experience, is usually treated as an afterthought, or as one film composer put it, “the last five yards of the last down.” In essence, unlike children, the common design approach is, “speakers should be heard and not seen.” That’s what the Meyer Sound UP-4SLIM is designed for: uncompromising fidelity in a SLIM, discreet design, to provide a breathtaking sonic experience without stealing the show. (Visually, that is.) The UP-SLIM has a wide 100-degree dispersion pattern for a more consistent sonic experience. It also features a unique driver configuration that prevents acoustic interference. For ease of installation, the UP-4SLIM’s compact footprint gives you the flexibility to project full-fidelity sound from tight spaces—from front and under-balcony fills to installed AV systems to theme parks—without blocking crucial sight lines.

Meyer Sound UP-4SLIM At a Glance:

  • Extraordinary fidelity and power capability in an ultra-compact aluminum package
  • Metal dome tweeter delivers a smooth high-frequency response
  • Wide, symmetrical pattern covers a broad listening area
  • Unique crossover design eliminates combing and yields a consistent midrange response
  • Exceptional SPL-to-size ratio
  • Monitor performance in real time from your Windows PC, with optional RMS remote monitoring
  • Supports long cable runs with light-gauge cables
  • Custom colors that perfectly match your venue
  • Add optional weatherproofing for protection from the elements

Meyer Sound UP-4SLIM—Parsing the Details

The UP-4SLIM ultra-compact installation loudspeaker is ideally suited for applications requiring a small, SLIM, and aesthetically pleasing cabinet that also delivers high sound pressure levels, low distortion, and uniform directional control. The UP-4SLIM’s 65Hz–18kHz range is ideal for medium-sized installations and vocal reinforcement systems. Add an optional subwoofer to extend low-end response for a full-range system.

Intelligent power

The UP-4SLIM is powered by an external MPS-488HP IntelligentDC power supply. The 19″ (1 RU) unit distributes DC power and balanced audio to eight UP-4SLIM loudspeakers or other Meyer Sound IntelligentDC loudspeakers and can also connect to Meyer Sound’s RMS remote monitoring system. Composite multi-conductor cables (e.g., Belden® 1502) can deliver both DC power and balanced audio from a single PhoenixTM 5-pin male connector.

The self-powered UP-4SLIM offers exceptional audio performance in a compact package with the advantages of a remote power supply. As a standalone loudspeaker, the UP-4SLIM can be used for vocal reinforcement, front-fill and under balcony fill applications. The UP-4SLIM can also be paired with an optional subwoofer to create a full-range system.

The UP-4SLIM is engineered to the same award- winning standards as all Meyer Sound IntelligentDC loudspeakers. Featuring on-board amplification with sophisticated signal processing, the UP-4SLIM exhibits the flat frequency and phase response for which Meyer Sound loudspeakers are known.

Wide frequency range and coverage

The UP-4SLIM boasts a wide operating frequency range of 85Hz to 18kHz and a conservatively rated linear peak SPL of 112dB (measured with M-Noise*), with very low distortion.

The UP-4SLIM’s high-frequency section includes a 1″ metal dome tweeter on a constant-directivity, high-frequency horn. The low/mid-frequency section includes two 4″ cone transducers that work in parallel at low frequencies—delivering a combined acoustic output—with one of the drivers rolling off at higher frequencies to maintain constant directivity in the crossover region.

With a very smooth, consistent 100° coverage, fewer loudspeakers can cover a larger area, reducing system cost while maintaining the highest sound quality.

* M-noise is a full-range signal developed by Meyer Sound to better measure the loudspeaker’s performance with music. It has a constant instantaneous peak level in octave bands, a crest factor that increases with frequency, and a full bandwidth peak-to-average ratio of 18dB. 

Meyer Sound UP-4SLIM applications:

  • Front-fill and under-balcony fill coverage
  • Theatrical sound reinforcement and special effects
  • Installed AV systems
  • Compact voice reinforcement systems

Color and mounting options

The UP-4SLIM may be installed using the optional U-bracket or mounting yoke. The M8-threaded top and bottom rigging plates also can be fitted to the optional external pole mount for portable applications.

Other options include custom color matching and weather protection for outdoor installations. Applications for the UP-4SLIM include foreground/background music and paging in commercial installations, delay and fill systems in performance venues, and portable systems for smaller rooms. It is also ideal for deployment in Meyer Sound’s Constellation active acoustic system.

For more information, or assistance configuring a Meyer Sound system with UP-4SLIM loudspeakers call or chat online with your Parsons Audio Professional.


Meyer Sound UP-4SLIM specifications:

Operating Frequency Range1

  • 65Hz–18kHz
  • 80 Hz – 18 kHz2

Linear Peak SPL3

  • 110 dB, Pink Noise
  • 113 dB, B-Noise
  • 112 dB, M-Noise


  • 100° symmetrical


  • Two 4″ cone drivers
  • One 1″ metal dome tweeter

Voltage Requirement

  • 48V DC (external power supply)

Audio/Power Connector

  • Single 5-pin Phoenix (3 pins for balanced audio, 2 pins for DC power)

Input Impedance

  • 10k ohm differential between pins 2 and 3

Nominal Input Sensitivity

  • 0dBV (1.0 V RMS, 1.4 V peak) continuous average is typically the onset of limiting for noise and music


  • Three-channel amplifier with crossover

Output Power

  • 500W total

Load Capacity

  • 4 ohms low channels, 8 ohms high channel


  • Convection


  • Height: 15-15/16″ (404 mm)
  • Width: 4-5/16″ (109 mm)
  • Depth: 5-11/16″ (145 mm)


  • 14 lb. (5.90 kg)


  1. Recommended maximum operating frequency range. Response depends upon loading conditions and room acoustics.
  2. Weather Protected Version.
  3. Measured at 4 meters, referred to 1 meter
  • Pink noise is an unfiltered, full range test signal with an average-to-peak ratio of 12.5dB
  • B-noise is a Meyer Sound test signal used to ensure measurements reflect system behavior when reproducing the most common input spectrum, and verify there is still headroom over pink noise
  • M-noise is a full-range signal developed by Meyer Sound to better measure the loudspeaker’s performance with music. It has a constant instantaneous peak level in octave bands, a crest factor that increases with frequency, and a full bandwidth peak-to-average ratio of 18dB

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