Meyer Sound UPQ

Coverage Loudspeaker


Award-Winning Wide or Narrow Coverage

Smooth and Versatile in Two Patterns

The self-powered UPQ loudspeaker is a member of the award-winning UltraSeries family of loudspeakers. Its extended low-frequency headroom gives it a smooth sound over its wide operating frequency range.

Two Choices: Wide or Narrow Coverage

UPQ-1P offers wide horizontal pattern for broad audience coverage, while the UPQ-2P offers a narrow pattern for precise coverage and arrayability.

Applications from AV to Nightclubs

UPQ is a great choice for theatrical sound reinforcement, houses of worship, portable and installed audio-visual systems, frontfill and sidefill, or nightclubs.

Proprietary Meyer Sound Technology

Extraordinarily flat amplitude and phase response creates tonal accuracy and precise imaging. Consistent and predictable performance ensures accurate system design. Constant-Q horn affords uniform response throughout coverage area.

All You Need for Design and Installation

UPQ-1P: Wide Pattern Coverage

The self-powered UPQ-1P wide coverage loudspeaker’s extended low-frequency headroom gives it a smooth sound over its wide operating frequency range of 55 Hz to 18 kHz. With its easy-to-use and versatile QuickFly rigging, the UPQ-1P loudspeaker is equally suited to touring, rental and fixed installation applications.

UPQ-2P: Narrow Pattern Coverage

The self-powered UPQ-2P narrow coverage loudspeaker offers extremely high power output and low distortion, as well a focused beamwidth, which make it an ideal solution for small to mid-sized venues, houses of worship, theatres, and nightclubs – as either a stand-alone loudspeaker or as part of an array.

UPQ-2P and Intelligent AC

The UPQ-2P’s modular amplifier and processing electronics are equipped with Meyer Sound’s Intelligent AC power supply, which adapts to any power voltage worldwide and provides soft-turn on and transient protection.

Tough, Customizable Cabinetry

The UPQ’s durable trapezoidal enclosure has a textured, hard-shell black finish, and varying options for pole mounting. QuickFly rigging options include a pick-up and array plate and a mounting yoke. Other options include Meyer Sound weather protection, custom cabinets without handles, and custom color finishes for specific cosmetic requirements.


“Meyer Sound speakers are refined and silky in the high end, and I don’t know of any better sounding speaker for this room than UPQ-1Ps.”

Les Stuck

Technical Director, Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College