Meyer Sound VLFC Very Low Frequency Control Element (Subwoofer)

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Dual 18″ driver, sub-sonic low-frequency control element with 2-channel Class AB/H bridged amplifier and remote monitoring system.


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The Meyer Sound VLFC is dual-18″ driver, sub-sonic low-frequency control element (subwoofer) with a range of 13Hz-30Hz, two-channel Class AB/H bridged amplifier with complementary MOSFET output stages, and remote monitoring system.

The Meyer Sound VLFC (very low-frequency control) has the power and unprecedented low bass extension to easily annoy your neighbors . . . in the next county. In the days of earbuds and iPhone speakers, chest-thumping bass is not so much a lost art, but rather an experience that can only be had in concert, national tours, and theme parks, where bass isn’t heard so much as it’s felt. To achieve the concussive sonic waves that will vibrate your audience across the floor, like those vintage football game players, you need to push air—a lot of air. That’s where the VLFC’s dual low resonant frequency 18-inch cone drivers and 2-channel Class AB/H bridged amp comes in. With a range of 13Hz-30Hz—the lowest reach of any Meyer Sound speaker—the VLFC extends below the threshold of human hearing to let your audience feel the sound like never before.

Meyer Sound VLFC—At a Glance:

  • Sub-sonic frequency response, linearity bring new possibilities for enhanced impact system design
  • Optimized to integrate with 1100-LFCs
  • High peak power output yields excellent transient reproduction at very low frequencies and extreme operating levels
  • Stackable and flyable with other VLFCs and1100-LFCs in regular and cardioid arrays

Meyer Sound VLFC—Parsing the Details

The VLFC (very low-frequency control element) is a self-powered loudspeaker defined by its sonic linearity and unique ability to reproduce sub-harmonic signals at high continuous levels with very low distortion. Its very low-frequency response coupled with exceptional headroom and optimized rigging options makes the VLFC an incredible tool for applications requiring extreme low frequencies to enhance the audience experience. The VLFC is ideal for any application that would benefit from the impact of sub-sonic feeling: from large-scale tours, special effects in cinema, to theme parks.

Add subsonic impact

It’s easy to add subsonic impact to your system: The VLFC is optimized to pair perfectly with Meyer Sound’s 1100-LFC and other subwoofers to extend low end below 20Hz. Using the same footprint of the 1100-LFC the VLFC integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure.

Versatile rigging options

The optional MRK-1100 rigging kit, available as a factory-installed option or field upgrade, includes captive GuideALinks™ that allow the loudspeaker to be flown from the MTG-1100 top grid. The GuideALinks, located at the front and rear of the cabinet, are easily set with convenient, pinned handles and slots. They also accommodate reversed units for flown cardioid arrays.

The MTG-1100 top grid can suspend line arrays comprised of up to 14 cabinets at a 5:1 safety factor. For touring and portable systems, the VLFC can travel securely in stacks of up to three units with the optional MCF-1100 caster frame. Protective, plastic skids are included on the bottom of the VLFC cabinet that securely align with the cabinet’s top slots. Units can be stacked normally or reversed for cardioid configurations.

Rugged Reliability

The VLFC cabinet features a robust and roadworthy construction of multi-ply hardwood and is coated with a black-textured finish. A hex-stamped, steel grille with acoustical black mesh protects the unit’s drivers. Other options include weather protection and custom color finishes for fixed installations and applications with specific cosmetic requirements.

Remote monitoring system

The RMServer™ remote monitoring system provides comprehensive monitoring of system parameters on a Mac or Windows-based computer. RMServer compact hardware, Compass software, and loudspeakers equipped with RMS modules create a system that is simple to configure and easy to use.

Easily locate any loudspeaker in the entire system, control solo or groups, and get extensive real-time loudspeaker feedback for amplifiers, drivers, limiting, cooling, and fault alerts. RMServer offers email alerts of any issues with your system, so you can rest assured your system is being monitored, even when Compass software is not running.

VLFC Applications:
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Cinema and post-production
  • Theme parks
  • Research
What the pros are saying about Meyer Sound VLFC 


“We use the VLFCs as a special effect to create a realistic experience of an explosion, one that you feel in your chest more than you hear with your ears. It moves a lot of air; you can definitely feel it.” — “Big Mick” Hughes, FOH engineer, Metallica


“We developed the first versions of the VLFC for NASA to use in vibration testing, but we decided to continue development for uses in both cinema and concert applications. We have done extensive double-blind testing here in our own Pearson Theatre. There’s no doubt that people have a different psychological response when we add in or remove that extra octave from 15 to 30Hz.” — John Meyer, President & CEO, Meyer Sound


For the deepest, most breathtaking low-frequency experience for touring or fixed installation, talk to your Parsons Audio Live Sound Specialist about integrating a Meyer Sound VLFC.


Meyer Sound VLFC Specifications:


  • Frequency Response2: 13 – 30Hz ±4dB


  • Low Frequency: Two 18″ cone drivers

Audio I/O

  • Connectors3: XLR 3-pin or 5-pin female input with male loop output


  • Type: 2-channel complementary MOSFET output stages (Class AB/H bridged)

AC Power 

  • Connectors: powerCON 32-input
  • Safety Rated Voltage Range: 208–235 V AC, 50/60 Hz (Turn-on/off Points 165–264 V AC)
  • Current Draw4: Max Long-Term Continuous Current (>10 sec) 10.5 A RMS (230 V AC)Burst Current (<1 sec) 18 A RMS (230 V AC)

RMS Network

  • Equipped with 2-conductor, twisted-pair network, reporting all amplifier operating parameters to host computer


  • Dimensions (WHD): 55″ x 20-13/32″ x 33″ (1,397 x 518 x 838 mm)
  • Dimensions w/Rigging (WHD): 55″ x 20-13/32″ x 33″ (1,397 x 518 x 838 mm)
  • Weight / Weight w/ Rigging: 298 lb. (135.2 kg) / 332 lb. (150.7 kg)
  • Enclosure: Multi-ply hardwood with black textured finish
  • Protective Grille: Powder-coated, hex-stamped steel with acoustical black mesh
  • Rigging: Optional MRK-1100 rigging kit with captive GuideALinks for ground-stacked, flown, and cardioid configurations; optional MTG-1100 top grid for flown arrays; optional MCF-1100 caster frame for transporting stacks of up to three units.


1: Loudspeaker system predictions for coverage and SPL will be available in MeyerSound’s MAPP software 

2: Response depends on loading conditions and room acoustics

3: XLR 5-pin connectors accommodate both balanced audio and RMS signals

4: AC power cabling must be of sufficient gauge so that under burst current conditions, cable transmission losses do not cause the loudspeaker’s voltage to drop below the specified operating range 

5: Preliminary Specifications – Subject to Change Without Notice 

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