Meyer Sound VLFC

Very Low Frequency Control Element


Thump and Thunder They’ll Feel In Their Bones

How Low Can You Go?

Think extremely low. With a range of 13-30 Hz—the lowest reach of any Meyer Sound speaker—the VLFC extends below the threshold of human hearing to let your audience feel the sound like never before.

Move Massive Air

The VLFC’s dual low resonant frequency 18-inch cone drivers produce concussive sonic waves that will take your audience’s breath away. Add the VLFC wherever you need maximum audio intensity—from stadiums to cinemas to theme parks.

Go Ahead, Crank It Up

The VLFC’s 2-channel Class AB/H bridged amp with complementary MOSFET output stages delivers high continuous and peak power for uncompromising linearity and tight transients at extreme operating levels, with minimal distortion.

Earth-Shaking Low End—Where You Want It, How You Want It

Bring It Down An Octave

It’s easy to add subsonic impact to your system: The VLFC is optimized to pair perfectly with Meyer Sound’s 1100-LFC and other subwoofers to extend low end below 20 Hz.

You’re In Control

Versatile rigging options let you configure the VLFC in ground stacks, flown arrays, or used in an end fired cardioid array. Monitor speaker performance with Meyer Sound’s RMS remote monitoring system.

Security Detail

The VLFC can be flown from an MTG-1100 top grid, which supports arrays of up to 14 cabinets at a 5:1 safety factor. And an optional caster frame anchors stacks of up to three units for secure transport.

Rugged Reliability

If you can dish it out, the VLFC can take it, thanks to road-tested features like a brawny multi-ply hardwood cabinet, hex-stamped steel grille, and optional weatherproofing protection.