Powersoft Amplifiers X4


4-channel Benchmark Amplifier with DSP and optional Dante™. * Please specify if you want the DANTE version *


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Powersoft Amplifiers X4


Powersoft X4 innovates and evolves the concept of the amplification platform through the integration of a worldwide compatible three-phase power supply and a fully-featured DSP.

The complete digital audio signal management system based on ARM Cortex A-8 processor and TI C6000 DSP platform heralds a new and innovative level of signal processing, providing routing and mixing, multi-stage equalization with raised-cosine, IIR and FIR filters, delay up to 2s in input processing and 100ms for time alignment, gain and polarity adjustment, crossover, peak limiters, TruePower™ limiters, and Active DampingControl™.

The power supply permits worldwide AC acceptance and direct connection to any regional power line configuration: it is suitable for Single Phase, Bi-Phase, or Three Phase operations from 85 VAC up to 440 VAC without the need for manual selection. True Three Phase load balancing is directly achievable by the unit without any complex load assignment in the power distribution system design.

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Power supply

  • Suitable for Single-Phase, Two-Phase, or Three-Phase operation from 85 VAC up to 440 VAC, with automatic switching and balancing
  • Three-phase load balancing is directly managed by the unit without the need for complex load assignments in the system design
  • Power Factor Correction PFC for low power consumption and compatibility with a wide range of voltages
  • Power limiters that eliminate the need for expensive power sequencers


Fully protected circuit design with:​

  • Innovative failure protection aimed at keeping the system on its SOA by detecting the power delivered to speakers compared to the power drawn from mains
  • Real-time measurement and processing of the output signal in order to obtain the power output: all data are collected and compared with data about the available stored energy and the power available from the mains. This makes the system immune from any misalignment such as overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, etc.​
  • Protection against potentially harmful signals: DC, VHF, and clipping


  • Flexible routing/mixing provided by the internal 4×4 input/ output matrix, allows the user to mix and route analog and digital I/O. 
  • 4 input channels with physical analog and digital AES3 connectors and an optional 16-in/8-out redundant Dante™ connection provide maximum flexibility.
  • Improved reliability thanks to the customizable input backup strategy that automatically switches input sources in case of a signal failure. 
  • Complete user interface integrated into ArmoníaPlus
  • WiFi remote monitoring through a mobile device.
  • Non-boolean channel routing
  • Signal grouping for speaker routing


  • Hardware monitor available for fast local diagnostics
  • Real-time load impedance measurement/display for each channel
  • Real-time output power measurements/display for each channel
  • Mains voltage and current measurements/display

Digital Signal Processing

  • TI C6000 DSP platform architecture
  • AD/DA converter: dual 24bit @48 kHz Tandem® architecture, 127 dB dynamic range, per channel
  • Input/output independent equalizers per channel providing Raised-cosine, custom FIR, parametric IIR: peaking, hi/lo-shelving, all-pass, band-pass, band-stop, hi/lo-pass
  • Crossovers: linear phase (FIR), hybrid (FIR-IIR), Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel: 6 dB/oct to 48 dB/oct (IIR)
  • Input delay up to 2s and output delay up to 100ms for time alignment per channel
  • Active DampingControl™ for cable compensation
  • Power limiter (TruePower™, RMS voltage, RMS current) + Peak Limiter

Remote management

  • Control and monitoring through ArmoníaPlus
  • Dedicated Web App


Output power per channel
Output power per channel5200 W @ 2 Ω3000 W @ 4 Ω1600 W @ 8 Ω
Bridge mode10400 W @ 4 Ω6000 W @ 8 Ω
Max output voltage / current
Max unclipped output voltage @8 Ω175 Vpeak
Current130 Apeak
Power supplyUniversal, regulated switch mode with PFC (Power Factor Correction)
Nominal power requirement100-240 V ±10%, 50-60 Hz
Operating voltage90 V – 264 V
Power consumption
Idle<100 W
Max<3000 W
Operating temperature range0° – 35° C – 32° – 95° F
Thermal dissipation*
1/8 of max output power @ 8 Ω115 V: 1127BTU/h230 V: 1058BTU/h
1/4 of max output power @ 8 Ω115 V: 2124BTU/h230 V: 1639BTU/h

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