Prism Sound Titan

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True Reference Audio Interface with DMIO Expansion * Please specify which version: Titan Ultimate Collection or Titan Pure *


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Prism Sound Titan

Which will you choose?

Prism Sound TITAN – Ultimate Collection

Including $4000 of premium instruments, contemporary FX plugins, an award-winning music production-focused DAW, and an industry-leading mastering and edit suite.

Prism Sound TITAN – Pure

The first in Prism Sounds Multichannel audio interfaces. Packing Prism Sounds trusted, uncompromising AD/DA conversion in a 19” rackmount chassis perfect for use in the studio or on the road.

Titan and Atlas are world-class multi-track interfaces offering flexible expansion and unsurpassable sonic clarity. Using the latest generation of Prism Sounds trusted conversion, Titan is ideal for music and sound recording, multi-tracking, overdubbing, stem-based mastering, analog summing, and critical listening applications.


Prism Sounds history in developing test and measurement equipment for the audio industry has allowed our engineers to get a much deeper understanding of digital clocking and its associated issues.


Titan has a powerful built-in digital mixer that can be configured to provide a multitude of ultra-low latency feeds, Including foldback to performers, stereo, and surround outputs.


Titan has a maximum capability of 18 concurrent input and output channels, offering 8 analog recording channels, 8 monitoring outputs, stereo digital input and output on a phono connector plus concurrent optical digital I/O ports.


With a standard USB connection Titan can connect to the widest range of computers today and for the foreseeable future. Add to this the option of ProTools HDX and Dante modules for the most flexible and professional solution.



The Prism Sound Ultimate Collection is an optional bundle of products offered when purchasing a LYRA 1LYRA 2, or TITAN interface.

Gain access to a wealth of creative, innovative, and industry-leading audio tools. Prism Sounds Ultimate Collection is valued at over $4000 and features an array of premium instruments, contemporary FX plugins, an award-winning music production-focused DAW, and an industry-leading mastering and edit suite.



In an ever-changing world of I/O connectivity, the MDIO expansion slot allows your Prism Sound interface to remain relevant, increasing its lifespan and bringing a much better return on your investment.
Both options allow you to stack multiple Titan or Atlas providing sample-accurate phase-locked audio between multiple units.
The DANTE module allows multiple Titan or Atlas units to be connected directly to a DANTE-equipped network via a standard ethernet connection.
The Pro Tools MDIO-HDX module allows multiple Titan or Atlas units to be connected directly to an AVID Pro Tools HDX or HD native system via AVID’s “Digilink” connection.


Titan’s front panel gives a continuous visual indication of the unit’s main settings and levels, but in-depth control is managed from the Titan Controller applet. This runs on the DAW computer and can be popped up whenever adjustments are needed.
The upper area of the applet shows a panel of ‘Global’ settings for the entire group of connected interfaces, and a panel of ‘Unit’ settings which is assignable to each connected unit in turn, using the enclosed drop-list. These settings are concerned with general parameters such as sync source and sample rate selection, metering, and buffering modes. An ‘Identify’ button causes all the LEDs on the selected box to light, to assist with identification in multi-unit systems. To the right, there are large buttons for loading and saving setups, and for online help.
Verifile is a radical new proprietary technology exclusive to Prism Sound which allows computer audio streams and recorded files to be quickly checked for a wide range of clicks, errors, and dropouts, without any compromise in the audio content or any additional metadata. The Verifile process is entirely invisible and inaudible to the user, so using it is simplicity itself.
Developed to meet the needs of our audio archiving clients where even the most minute, the inaudible error is completely unacceptable. Verifile can quickly identify and detect any such imperfection making it also the ideal choice for mastering & mix engineers.



1U 19inch rack-mountable
(rubber feet and rack ears supplied)

Tabletop (inc feet): W: 440mm D: 290mm H: 50mm

Rack-mount (inc ears):
W: 483mm D: 290mm H: 44.5mm


90-250VAC, 50/60Hz internal power supply

IEC 6A connector

35W 0.5A(T) 20mm ceramic fuse


4 x combo connectors with XLR sockets for mic input and 6.3mm TRS jack sockets for line input (balanced or unbalanced)

1 x RCA

1 x TOSLINK for S/PDIF or ADAT Optical input


8 x 6.3mm TRS jack sockets (balanced or unbalanced)

1 x RCA

1 x TOSLINK for S/PDIF or ADAT Optical output

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