Royer Labs RSM-SS1

“Sling-Shock” Suspension Shock Mount for R-121, R-122, R-122V, SF-12

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The innovative suspension system reduces induced distortion by eliminating
unwanted vibration and random low-frequency disturbances commonly characterized
as “rumble.”
The Sling-Shock® is designed to be essentially maintenance free. Rubber parts, elastic
bands and similar materials commonly found in shock mounts have been completely
The microphone clutch mechanism offers greater adaptability by allowing critical position
adjustments to the microphone. A knurled lock-down knob secures the microphone
in place, with a soft cotton interior chamber providing a non-abrasive grasp of the
Unlike traditional shock mounts that rely on stretched rubber
bands, bungee cords or rubber bushings as the main dampening
mechanism, the patented Sling-Shock® utilizes a two-part mechanism
consisting of non-resonant nylon cord and damped tensioning
springs. This system improves the performance
of microphones in any environment
where vibration is an issue.
Incorporated into the Sling-Shock’s design is a
microphone-cable clip. This feature eliminates
cable-related vibrations which are often coupled
to the microphone through the microphone’s
cable. See Detail Photo.
The Sling-Shock® is handcrafted in Burbank,
California using only the finest materials and
aircraft grade aluminum. It is backed by a
lifetime unconditional warranty.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 in