Royer Labs RSM-SS1

“Sling-Shock” Suspension Shock Mount for R-121, R-122, R-122V, SF-12

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Royer Labs RSM-SS1

The Sling-Shock RSM-SS1 is sized to fit Royer’s 1-inch diameter ribbon mics; R-121, R-122 MKll, R-122V, and SF-12 ribbon microphones. The RSM-SS1 will work with any cylindrical microphone measuring approximately one inch in diameter (+/- 1/8 inch).

The Sling-Shock™ (Patent No. 8,571,250) is a revolutionary departure from traditional shock mount designs. We’ve done away with unreliable rubberized parts and elastic cords, producing a durable shock mount that provides exceptional isolation from vibration, rumble, and resonances.

Our proprietary system of non-resonant nylon cable and damped steel springs acts to isolate the microphone from vibrations induced by the microphone stand. These vibrations appear as rumble and/or low-grade noise across the bandwidth and are greatly reduced by the use of the Sling-Shock.

Sling-Shocks also eliminate the self-resonance that traditional shock mounts can generate on high SPL applications like a close-miked electric guitar. Shockmount self-resonance creates harmonic interferences at various frequencies – Sling-Shocks eliminate the issue. The Sling-Shock’s superior vibration-reduction capabilities and lack of self-resonance allow engineers to capture performances free of vibration-related interference across the bandwidth.

A cable clip is included on each Sling-Shock. Loop a length of cable under the microphone, then secure the cable to the mic clip to minimize cable-related vibrations.

Sling Shock Features:

  • Superior isolation from vibration, shock, and rumble
  • Lack of self-resonance on high SPL applications
  • Felt-lined, scratch-free microphone chamber holds the mic securely
  • No rubberized parts to degrade or stretch
  • Built-in microphone cable clip minimizes cable-related vibration
  • Flexible for easy microphone positioning
  • Lifetime warranty

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Dimensions 4 × 4 in