Royer Labs SF-12

Stereo Ribbon, Dual Small Light-Mass Ribbon Elements (1.8-micron), Matte Black Finish

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The Royer SF-12 stereo coincident ribbon microphone combines
high quality audio performance with outstanding stereo
separation and imaging. It is a modern ribbon design with no
audible diffraction effects or cavity resonance.
The SF-12 is actually two matched ribbon microphones placed
one above the other and fixed at a 90˚ angle. This arrangement
allows for Blumlein and M-S recording with one microphone, as
well as excellent monaural compatibility when summing the two
ribbon elements to mono. The frequency response is excellent
regardless of the angle of sound striking the ribbons and off-axis
coloration is negligible. The SF-12’s extension cable comes with
an adapter which splits into separate left and right XLR connectors,
labeled “upper” and “lower.”
The SF-12’s two 1.8-micron ribbons are of pure (99.99%) aluminum and
provide superb transient response due to their low mass. Each of the SF-12’s
two ribbon transducers incorporate “cross-field” motor assemblies (patent
pending) which are comprised of four powerful Neodymium magnets and
Permendur iron pole-pieces. This cross-field design delivers excellent high
frequency response due to the extremely short path between the front and
rear sides of the ribbon elements. The microphone’s case is ingot iron and
forms part of the magnetic return circuit, an effective system with low leakage
flux which accounts for the relatively high sensitivity in a trim package.
• True stereophonic (Blumlein and M-S) recording from one microphone
• No internal active electronics to overload or produce distortion up to
maximum SPL rating.
• Extremely low residual noise
• Ribbon elements unaffected by heat or humidity
• Absence of high frequency peaks, “ringing” and phase shifts
• Equal sensitivity from front and back of elements
• Very low magnetic leakage
• High efficiency toroid matching transformers
• Gold plated XLR contacts
• Stereo & distance miking
• Choir, orchestra, string sections
• Drum overheads, room miking
• Percussion instruments
• Brass instruments, horn sections
• Woodwind instruments
• Stereo acoustic piano, harp
• Acoustic guitar, mandolin, stringed instruments

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