Sanken Chromatic CMS-2

CMS-2 Crystal Clear M-S Stereo Recording for Orchestras, Ensembles, and Live Performance


Sanken Chromatic CMS-2

Delivers a natural, uncolored sound and excellent reproduction of the stereo sound image.

It is ideal as a main microphone for orchestras or musical groups and is perfect for capturing difficult sound ambiances for live performances. The M-S design also allows for versatility in post-production and mixing.

Overhead Stereo Recording For Orchestras, Choruses, and Choirs

The world’s smallest and lightest M-S stereo microphone for studio and live music recording

The CMS-2 M-S stereo condenser microphone was designed primarily to record orchestras, choruses, and choirs in theatres, concert halls, and churches.

Because of the “one point” physical presence of the microphone itself, the operator can obtain a very naturally mixed stereo sound with the use of the MB-2A matrix box. The light titanium-matched diaphragms permit a wide frequency response and the ability to withstand high SPLs up to 145 dB.

The CMS-2 features a very flat frequency response 20Hz to 18kHZ and inaudible self-noise of 16dB or less, which makes it well-suited for high-resolution recording. It also features an original Sanken Push-Pull type capsule design which gives it a 6dB higher sensitivity than similar-sized conventional microphones.

The CMS-2 stereo microphone has a high dynamic range of 129dB [maximum SPL = 145dB at 1% THD]. It has a one-micron thick titanium diaphragm that is pre-set for use with a 127° perspective controllable matrix box. In addition, the CMS-2 can work with any standard matrix box.

  • Very natural stereo sound
  • Very high dynamic range
  • Ideal for broadcasting, as well as studio recording
  • Original Sanken Push-Pull capsule design
  • Titanium diaphragm resistant to moisture and temperature change


  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Background or Chorus Vocals
  • Orchestra Mains
  • Overheads
  • Piano
  • Strings


Model Name



DC biased condenser


Side = Figure of eight
Mid = Cardioid

Frequency range

20Hz – 18kHz


-51dB(2.8mV, 0dB=1V/Pa)

Equivalent noise level (IEC)

16dB A

Max SPL(1% THD)

145dB SPL

Output impedance( 1kHz )

250 ohms


+48V±4V phantom

Current consumption

1.4mA × 2


180g/ .4lbs


173mm x 20.5mm (D)
6.81in x .81in (D)

Surface finish

Satin nickel


XLR-3-12C(M) equivalent
1: GND, 2: Hot, 3: Cold

CMS-2 Polar Response
CMS-2 Frequency Response Side and Mid
Decoding M-S Signals from CMS-2

The CMS-2 outputs M and S signals. These can be decoded to Left and Right using the optional MB-2D decoder or can be decoded in the mixing console…

To derive the left and right channel outputs from M-S coincident microphone sources use the following summing and difference:
L ch: Sum of M and S
R ch: Difference between M and S

By connecting the outputs to the mixer as shown, both M and S signals can be decoded as L ch. and R ch. The angle between L and R can also be varied by the adjustment of the S ch. fader volume. When levels of M and S are the same, the stereophonic angle is 127°.

CMS-2 M-S Mixer Decoding


CMS-2 Included Accessories:
HD-21D Microphone Clip
Vinyl Case

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 1 in