Sanken Chromatic CU-51

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CU-51 A Great ‘Desert Island’ Choice Dual-Capsule Cardioid Mic


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 Sanken Chromatic CU-51

This latest addition to the Sanken Chromatic range truly stands out from the crowd – if you have to choose one mic then this is the one.

It is ideal for vocals but in reality, it can capture the essence of any instrument with clarity and transparency that has to be heard to be believed. The sound is consistent throughout the entire cardioid pattern.

CU-51 Advanced Design Excels In Every Application

Perfect for vocals and music delivering all the magic

Over 90 years of technological innovation and artist feedback have gone into the design of this unique microphone. No other manufacturer includes the features of the CU-51. What you hear in the studio is what you capture in the control room. The CU-51 offers a new dual-capsule design pioneered by Sanken, providing an exacting cardioid pattern ideal for vocals and a wide range of musical applications. The CU-51 also has a very low proximity effect making vocals and instruments seem bigger than life.

A very special characteristic of the CU-51 is its ability to maintain uniform response in both on-axis and off-axis positions. It is common knowledge that varying the direction of a microphone will change the frequency response and tone.

The tone and response of the CU-51 remain consistent through changes in the axis angle while maintaining the benefits of a large capsule design. The CU-51’s frequency response is truly flat at 90 degrees, essential in maintaining sonic transparency.

The CU-51’s specially designed double capsule has one diaphragm that is optimized for low frequencies, while the other one captures the higher frequencies with guaranteed phase coherency between the two capsules in a meticulously engineered microphone that achieves totally transparent high-resolution results. The PPS (Polyphenylene) membranes are immune to the effects of humidity and temperature change, resulting in consistent response, regardless of the recording environment.

The CU-51 consistently delivers a high transient, natural and uncolored sound with vivid sonic imagery.

  • Perfect for vocals and acoustic instruments
  • Dual-phase coherent capsules – low and high
  • Uniform response in both on-axis and off-axis positions
  • Truly flat frequency response even at 90 degrees
  • Low proximity effect


  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Background or Chorus Vocals
  • Brass and Woodwind
  • Drums Close Mic
  • Orchestra Solo
  • Percussion
  • Piano
  • Strings
  • Upright Bass
  • Vocals


Model Name



DC biased condenser



Frequency response

20Hz – 20kHz


-30dB (31.6mV , 0dB=1V/Pa)

Equivalent noise level (IEC)


Max SPL(1% THD)

138dB SPL

Output impedance( 1kHz )

150 ohms


+48V±4V phantom

Current consumption





157mm X 41.5mm (D)
6.2in x 1.6in (D)

Surface finish

Matte brown


XLR-3-12C(M) equivalent
1: GND, 2: Hot, 3: Cold

CU-51 Polar Diagram
CU-51 Frequency Response


CU-51 Included Accessories:
Vinyl Case

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