Sanken Chromatic CU-55

Great All Purpose Premium Quality Cardioid Mic


Featuring a modern, compact design, the CU-55 provides a rich vintage sound in a small, lightweight, easy to position package. It is a great, affordable, all purpose mic.
The CU-55 houses a side-firing 16mm capsule. Designed with a resonant chamber like the top of the line CU-44X MK II, it has been tuned to create a perfect cardioid pattern, and is omnidirectional below 50 kHz.
Small Mic Packs A Powerful Punch
Affordable premium quality mic perfect for all instruments, acoustic, electric and percussion, in addition to vocals
This new generation microphone is flat even at 90 degrees, flat on axis, with very little proximity effect. The CU-55 uses the same diaphragm material as Sanken Chromatic’s remarkable CU-100 and CUW-180 mics. Ideal for acoustic instruments like guitars, cello, harp and piano, the CU-55 can also handle the explosive levels of big brass and pounding tympanis. Try it on a snare drum, it fits nicely into tight spaces.
It features a built in resonant chamber that mates with the capsule to optimize pattern and minimize proximity effects. Stereo pairs are truly matched.
The affordably priced CU-55 is a fitting addition to the Sanken line of fine studio microphones. The response is very warm and natural sounding, very musical, without any coloration or artificial boost. If you are wrestling with some high SPLs, have no fears – the little CU-55 can handle whatever you throw at it. It can also bring out the best in softer, subtler sounds, and as a compact side-address microphone it is very easy to maneuver into tight spaces.
Like all Sanken microphones, the CU-55 provides optimum quality audio and reliability, and is a solid investment for the ambitious recording engineer/producer.
Rich vintage sound from a modern mic
Perfect cardioid pattern
-10dB attenuation switch for two sensitivity settings
Flat frequency response (40Hz to 20kHz)
High maximum SPL of 137 dB at 1% THD and 15dB EN
Small form factor
Finely tuned resonant chamber that mates with the capsule
Very low proximity effect

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2 in