Sennheiser SK 6212 (A1-A4)

Ultra-Miniature Bodypack

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Sennheiser is pleased to introduce its long-awaited ultra-miniature bodypack, the SK 6212!
Over the past year, Sennheiser worked closely with key customers around the globe to solicit feedback and validate concepts
for an ultra-miniature bodypack – an all-digital successor to our renowned SK 5212. Thanks to this extensive end-user
validation process, and the efforts of its development team to incorporate feedback at every step of the journey, the SK 6212
has been met with overwhelmingly positive response at its official sneak previews at the IBC and AES trade shows.

Product Overview
Size matters. Performance Counts.
The SK 6212 pocket transmitter achieves the reliability and spectral efficiency of Digital 6000 and Digital 9000 on an ultrasmall
scale – with up to 12 hours of continuous operation, even in the most demanding of HF environments. Low weight, high
level of wearing comfort, simple operation and the superior transmission technology make the digital successor to the analog
SK 5212 the new favorite among performers and technicians.
It keeps going. And going. And going.

Regardless of the type of musical performance, the SK 6212’s operation is secure, reliable and discreet. With 12 hours of
battery life, the battery is designed for even the longest day of rehearsals. Weighing only 112 grams and with dimensions
of just 63 x 47 x 20 mm, the SK 6212 is easy to conceal and has no annoying corners or edges. The antenna and battery are
exchangeable, and an intuitive control concept with display and control buttons enables direct adjustments on the device.
Size: mini. Spectral efficiency and audio quality: maxi.

The newest member of the Digital 6000 series is also intermodulation-free in its transmission. Even in really difficult RF
environments, the equidistant frequency grid permits easy and highly efficient channel configuration. It can also be combined
with Digital 9000 and the EK 6042 in long-range mode. The legendary Sennheiser Audio Codec (SeDAC) guarantees clear,
artifact-free sound and optimum dynamics.

The sum of all its nuances: A good show
The best show is and will remain the sum of its finest details. This is an idea which the SK 6212 has taken from professionals
on the world’s stages, big and small. For example; the easy operation, or the easy-to-read display. The multiple attachment
options or its seal against moisture. The fact that the display glass has been lowered by 0.3 millimeters – and several other
details which make everyday life easier for both technicians and performers. Developed for high expectations, not for

Key Features
• Compact, ultra-small design with ergonomically optimized construction (63 x 47 x 20mm)
• Designed for at least 12 hours of continuous operation
• Made with ultra-light robust metal housing weighing only 112 grams
• Intermodulation-free transmission – permits more channels even in very narrow frequency spaces thanks to equidistant
frequency grid and simple setup
• Superb sound and higher dynamic range thanks to Sennheiser Digital Audio Codec (SeDAC) and long-range mode, also
found in the Digital 9000 series
• Resistant to moisture and sweat
• Two detachable clips (0°/90°) for secure fit in any position
• Exchangeable antenna and battery
• Can be used with a variety of lavalier microphones and headsets

SK 6212 Digital mini-bodypack for musicals,
theater and broadcast applications.
Ultra-light metal housing, 12 hours
continuous operation; for Digital
6000, EK 6042 and Digital 9000.
• (1) SK 6212 ultra miniature bodypack
• (1) Associated antenna
• (2) cllps (vertical, 90° horizontal)