SPL Expansion Rack

Rackmount for Phonitor 2 and SMC 7.1

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SPL Expansion Rack

The Expansion Rack also increases the number of active speakers or power amplifiers that can be connected from one to four.

Installed in the Expansion Rack, a Phonitor 2 or an SMC 7.1 can be mounted into a 19-inch rack.

The installation is the same for both devices. A detailed illustrated installation guide can be downloaded below.

The Expansion Rack is equipped with a rotary switch that passively routes the stereo output signal of Phonitor 2 or the SMC 7.1 to four stereo outputs.

Switching is passive, i.e. without active electronics in the signal path and without power supply.

Phonitor 2 or SMC 7.1 are expanded by three additional stereo outputs, so that for example full range, midfield and nearfield monitors can be connected.

Expansion Rack without rack ears

The two rack ears can be removed from the Expansion Rack to set it up freely.

The feet of Phonitor 2 can also be screwed under the Expansion Rack.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 19 × 4 in