Tascam BO-32DE

32 Channel Euroblock to D-Sub Input Adaptor for Professional Installations


The TASCAM BO-32DE is a rugged, rackmounted audio adaptor designed for professional installation. 32
front-panel Eruoblock connectors are internally bridged to four D-Sub output connectors on the rear
panel, providing fast and easy I/O and interconnectivity between CD players, Digital Audio players, Mic
Preams, Zone Mixers, Distribution Amplifiers Audio over IP Convertors and more.
Euroblock terminals are the same for both input and output, so the 32 channels can be assigned freely
as inputs or outputs in each 8 channel. The numbers of inputs and outputs can be set flexibly according
to the needs of the system. For example, the unit could be set to have all 32 channels as inputs, 24
channels as inputs and 8 as outputs, or 16 channels each of inputs and outputs.