Tascam IF-MA64/EX

Multi-channel playback for theme parks and installations


TASCAM's DA-6400 is the ideal candidate for multi-track playback in installations. The solid-state drive

won't wear out after months of use, and the unit can be controlled through serial, parallel, ethernet, or

timecode. The SMPTE generator can be used as a master device at any standard frame rate – 24, 25,

29.97DF, 29.97NDF, 30DF, or 30NDF.

Gigabit ethernet is offered for remote control and file transfer. FTP can be used to push files to the

device or to retrieve recordings from Mac, Windows or UNIX systems. A built-in FTP client is also

included for transferring files to remote servers. SNTP support can also automatically update the clock

from internet time sources.

Serial RS-422 (P2) and parallel control is also included for use in post, broadcast, or recording studio